Does music have a positive or negative effect on our youths?

The effects of music on our youths

Does music have a positive or negative effect on our youths?
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We have to be careful of what we impart on our youths these days because they are assimilating things faster than in the olden days. Everything has an effect on our youths, whether that effect is positive or negative will play out in how our youths live and grow.

One major influence on our youths is music. The art of music is of many genres from soul, R&B, rap, pop, country, gospel, reggae and dancehall. Not all genres have the same effect on our youths, and not all youths listen to the same genre. Youths, like any other individuals, listen to music for different reasons. As youths the lyrics and rhythms or beats of the music are also of importance to them.

Youths who are prone to negativity, violence or depression will listen to music that will support their current state. These music whether the genre or lyrics will be a backative to why they are feeling this way and suggest ways to get over or end their current their state.

This can be a not so good thing or because the youths may commit more violent acts or worse commit suicide based on the lyrics of the music/songs that they have been listening to. Sometimes they may have taken the meaning out of proportion as what the youths may think the song/lyrics mean, is not necessarily what the artiste mean.

This is why music can be so powerful. It stimulates and provides numerous responses. It affects our physiology, emotional state, cognitive state and our behavioural tendencies. Some music objectives women and promote gang violence. Rap and dancehall genres are the two said to do these mostly. Youths, just like anyone else, internalize messages over and over again. Youths listen to music anywhere and everywhere. They can listen to music on the go with the availability of wireless, Bluetooth headsets. Live anyone else, youths seek encouragement and hope and so they gravitate to music that takes about what they are going through.

When used appropriately music can be a positive tool. When teenagers listen to music with positive messages and soothing rhythms and beats they help themselves to relax and lift their moods to feel better. Music is said to aid in studying and earning better and higher grades. Albert Einstein is known to use music to help with his concentration. The thing to do is to choose the right genre, one that will not distract from working and concentrating.

Music is all around whether loudly or soothing. It is how it is interpreted that will deem it positive or negative.

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music is music the way u explained it is a good idea to have a look at the moment and I will be at the same time as a result of this


As a Christian, I always believe that the best kind of music is that which praises and glorifies God. Nevertheless, I also listen to secular music for as long as they have good message.


After reading your title, I'd immediately say, it's a medium that can have a certain effect on your mind. It can be any - positive or negative as you take it. But we cannot go away from the influence of music for sure.


Music is a powerful tool. It becomes a food for soul and is quite therapeutic. In fact in many cultures Music is taken as a blessing of God and is a path to reach God. The kind of music that we listen evokes different emotional feelings and makes our personality traits. It is advisable to listen to healthy healing music to stay healthy and stay away from the negative lyrics that can disturb a personality.


Music indeed calms our soul and brings out different emotions and feelings in us. If affects our moods, our thinking and our actions.