India Has Taught Spirituality And Oneness To The World

Indian Spiritual Leaders Taught Hinduism To The World

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This article gives a brief description of what really Indian spiritual giants have preach to the world. The spiritual leaders have taught oneness and greatness that India has given to the world. It has shown great spiritualism.

Universal lesson of tolerance and spirituality

The Indian legends, monks and sages from the ancient time or pre-Vedic times have taught the universal lesson of tolerance and spirituality. The oneness is also another form of spirituality. The India is the only nation that has never conquered over single race. It has always paved the way for the tolerance and acceptances of kind and good deeds.

Moral values and ehtics

We, the Indians are proud to have the country like India where all we are living with moral values and ethics. There has been many spiritual leaders like Ramakrishna Paramhamsa, Swami Vivekananda, the disciple of Ramakrishna, Shankracharya, Ramanuja,Kashyap, the sage etc. all these spiritual leaders have flooded the world with the spirituality.

What east and west have taught one another

Some of the great scholars are of the view that there is no difference between east and west nations.

If west has taught India the muscles and technology, then simultaneously, the east has taught (for example India) spirituality to the west. There lies no distinction between the two. There are even many religious centers all over the world that is open for the noble cause to give the peace to world, and this is what the India has led the world to teach the spiritual flow that flows from one part to another.

India preaches hinduism and vedanta

India has given the right meaning to spirituality and taught the Hinduism with some of the scholarly books like Gita, Vedanta and advaitaism, ramayana, ramcharitra manas and Mahabharata. Each of these texts has their own vale. Even the spiritual guru Osho has given the spiritual messages to the world. It is the faith alone that survives and if we keep no faith to our own self and keep it in 33 millions of gods, then it will not work. Therefore, this is the glory of India to the world that these spiritual giants have kept in front of the world and roar like the lion.

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