Motherhood: A reflection on the Casey Anthony Case

Casey Anthony: A reflection

Motherhood: A reflection on the Casey Anthony Case
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Motherhood is a commitment and not all women are capable of living up to the commitment. It requires submission, in that mothers have to submit to our children. Their needs come first. Mothers cannot live the way they use to once they have a child.

At this moment I remember the United States national televised case of Casey Anthony. I was in New Jersey at the time and it was the first time being engrossed in what happens in such a nationally televised case in the United States. Everywhere I went that had a television that was what was on it. So from my memory, the mother Casey Anthony did not report her child missing. It was when her parents called her and asked to see their grandchild, that she reported her missing. By this time the little girl had been missing for weeks.

To this day I cannot fathom how a mother does not recognize or report her child missing. Investigations led to the finding of the child bones nearby the property of the house.

Casey Anthony was arrested for a while because she took the police investigators on a wild goose until she told somewhat of the truth. That she had lost her job and there was no nanny involved. Now the trial was all sorts of messy. At the end of the trial, Casey Anthony was found not guilty for the actual death of her daughter, but she was found guilty for lying to the police and taking on a wild goose chase and for neglect. Now if Casey decides to admit murdering her child, she cannot be tried for such admission as this part of the case is closed.

One of the popular reasons going around was that Case thought her daughter was cramping her lifestyle. Apparently she loved to party and since she had a child she had to slow down. She didn’t like that and so the tale goes she got rid of her daughter in order to have a good time. (To this day nobody knows exactly what happened.) Now, in my thinking I am saying then why not leave the child with her parents. They seemed loving and caring. Why was that not an option?

Why have children if you are not ready to give up some aspect of your life and lifestyle. There are mothers who consider having children means losing happiness instead of adding to their happiness, like what Casey Anthony thought. How can a mother just go on with her life after something as tragic as the death of her child? Where is the connection? Or better where is the mother child connection? The bond in the womb? The bond out of the womb? So many mothers are going through postpartum depression after having a child. Instead of being happy and being joyful, they are suffering to cope with being around their own child after giving birth. The numbers are astounding. Those who do not get over their depression may do something as tragic as killing their own child or commit both. Judges and juries will consider granting these women psychiatric stays. Some will even plea mental insanity. Mental disorders are becoming very numerous keeping psychiatrists and psychologists in business. The number of mental disorders keeps growing. Indeed we live in a crazy and unstable world. Such instability is destroying society and families.

My dear mothers protect your children. Love them, care for them, educate them, and make time for them. It is not an easy journey or an easy task. If you can’t do it alone, if you do not have help at home, seek help. Visit centres, organizations, churches, social clubs for mothers in need. Do not abandon your children, do not neglect them, do not take out your frustration on them, and most of all do not kill them.

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Nowadays many women dread having a child because they will be denied happiness. While it's not mandatory to have a child, once you have it why kill the child?


If they dread having a child, why have one? As you said, it's not mandatory and there are lots of items that can be used to prevent contraception. I believe the issue is responsibility.


Let's move on please. Casey is still a young woman and she can be reformed.


Moving on without addressing the issue is not moving on, it is avoidance. We have to work through the issues and come up with measures for prevention.