Salutations To Captain Kundu And Indians Are Proud Of This Martyr

Glory Comes To The Soul Of Captain Kundu

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This great hero, and legend has always quoted his words that life must be big but not long. Every Indians are proud of this martyr hero. They live in the soul of the every Indians. The truth alone wins, and he send message to every youth that live for the country. We admire this hero. Our Indian army will reply to this one.

Captain Kundu wished to be army general one day

Captain Kundu, a quiet officer, who wished to be army general one day was among the four Indian army personnel killed in heavy Pakistani shelling along the LOC in J & K. The martyr kept his words to his widowed mother lived up to the words ‘life must be big not long’. It was his 23rd birthday on February 10 and he did it but with coffin wrapped in the tricolor.

Around 10,000 people who attainted the funeral of captain Kundu

There were around 10,000 people who attainted the funeral of captain Kundu. He was youngest amongst the three siblings and had two elder sisters named Kajal and Sonia. As a student, he had always score in 90s. He was a brilliant scholar and great personality.

The entire village of Ransika that is around 30km from gurugram mourned the death of that person who was soft spoken and introverted young man.

Answer the enemy the way they understand

Merely, mourning by the leaders won’t work. We need to focus more on how to stop these cease fire violation. Once again the Pakistan has done the cease fire violation and it has led to the death of the captain. The process initiated against them. It means that actions itself has replied that they won’t speak anything, it is the proceedings that will the speak and action itself will speak. Every Indian is proud to belong to this great personality man who died for the noble cause and was dedicated to the nation.

Glory to this motherland India

Such cease fire violation has been continued from the time since independence. But the martyr of captain won’t go in vain. The army is giving answer to every firing from that of the cross border. The grandfather of captain Kundu said that we are proud of him and we have lost everything. But last not the least this is sincere salutation to this great legend. He will always live into our mind, body and soul.

                                                                “ VANDE MATARAM”                                                            

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