Why do we turn away from God?

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Why do we turn away from God?
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Why do we wait until the appointed time to give our lives to the Lord? Don’t we know by now that a life without God leads to a death without resurrection?

God made us to be free, but with that freedom comes responsibilities. With that freedom comes dangers and struggles. Nevertheless, it is important, necessary to remain committed to our Almighty God because it is Him who communicates the way of life through us. It is through this precious gift of life that He gives to us that we share in His unity and happiness. He gave us this amazing Earth to take care of it. Are we doing that? Are we caring for the earth? Not really.

There are all sorts of pollution: land, air, water and noise. When are we going to desist from harming the environment, this gift given to us by God and that is necessary for our survival?

In living we are to imitate the words and works of God and His Son Jesus Christ. We were created important, critical to God’s plan. He created us unique, each of us with our own characteristics which we are to use in carrying out the works and plan of God. We must live our lives authentically as commanded by God so we may join Him in everlasting glory. He gives us all our necessities. If we decide not to live as God commanded, if we decide to live without Him, then it is ourselves that is responsible for any evil we do or that may befall us. Without God we are out of control. We cause disputes, we attract injury. We do not choose our friends wisely. We encounter ruin. Choosing God and His way gets us a relationship closer than any family, any friend. We are called the Bride of Christ. Living by the teachings of the Lord brings harmony and peace. It is therefore important that we teach our children the words and ways of the Lord from they are young, so that they will always have those lessons in them while they grow.

Sometimes death brings us closer to God and there are times when it leads people away from God. For some people when their loved one dies the sorrow and pain they experience leas them to curse God and walk away from Him. They blame God for their loss and they become disoriented. At moments like these, having a community of supporters is important. When we experience death we must not close ourselves off or shut out community. Doing so allows the devil to plant his foot in our lives which is definitely not a good thing.

Many people think that faith is an illusion. They think faith is a cover-up of reality and that what is real is limited to material things only that, which is seen, touched, counted or measured. A special sense is needed to see beyond the material world. Christian faith is more than belief in a God higher than us. Faith is an ability to know by the light of Christ everything that is true, either in the goals or the means people use. We should not think that to believe or not to believe is a matter of minor importance in the struggles of life.

God calls us to a life of knowing Him each and every day. He calls us to lay all our burdens on Him. He wants us to share our misery with Him so He can give us the reassurance and comfort we need. He is working every day to get our attention so He can give us all the goodness that we are searching for.

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I don't know why some people turn away from God. God is an only hope with us. And by prayers and other ways to communicate with God we can take positivity in our life. Thanks a lot for sharing this article. I like it.


Thank you. You are most welcome. God is all we need. He should be first in our thoughts. When we put Him first everything else will fall in place.


This article made me feel peaceful. Thank you.


You are most welcome. God is the agent and source of peace. We are to imitate His words and deeds and when we do, we too will become agents and sources of peace.