Kim Jong lands in Singapore for historic Summit with Trump

The meeting is a first between a US president and North Korean leader

Kim Jong lands in Singapore for historic Summit with Trump
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The meeting is laced with history and is a moment of great importance as six decades of hostility seem like a bad dream

The world is agog for what may very well be the event of the decade. The North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has just landed in Singapore for a one to one meeting with the US president Donald Trump. CNN has reported that Trump has cut short his meeting with the G-7 group and also landed in Singapore in his Air Force 1. Both the leaders will meet at the St Regis luxury resort hotel which is heavily guarded. 

Kim flew in a China Airline plane and was received at the airport by the Singapore prime minister. As per reports, he exuded confidence. The visit is the flavor of the news world and over 3000 correspondents have homed into Singapore to cover the event.

There is no doubt that this is a momentous occasion and all credit must go to Donald Trump who cut many corners for this out of box solution. One wonders why previous US presidents balked at meeting Kim or his father. Six decades is a long time and yet no one took any positive step until Trump appeared on the scene.

Kim also must be lauded for his courage. It is the first time in six decades that a North Korean head of state has ventured overseas.  Kim has broken a taboo and in a moment people and the western press have forgotten that just a few weeks back he was considered an international pariah.

The meeting is important, even though I do not expect that North Korea will denuclearize in a moment. But a meeting was long overdue as the Korean war ended in 1953. Kim Jong has shown he is an astute leader and his demeanor at the airport showed that he was confident to meet the US president. One will have to await the result of the meeting which is scheduled for Monday. Never the less history has been made.

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Thanks Goldstay. Yes you are right but credit for this must go to Trump


This event will let the world perceive a positive note to North Korea. I hope this is not just a show and I hope the North Korean leader will not only promote peaceful relations to other countries but to their people as well, where north Koreans are enjoying democracy on their own.