Is Trump right in accepting that Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel?

Trump recognizes Jerusalem as capital of Israe

Is Trump right in accepting that Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel?
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The announcement reversed decades-old US policy but Trump has a point when he states that despite not recognizing Jerusalem as capital yet the peace process never moved forward.

Trump has recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. This is factually true and the Arab world, in particular, the Palestine Arabs are incensed. They have designated the day Trump made the announcement as "Day of Rage". The question which I have raised is whether Trump was right in accepting the Israeli request as the decision has incensed the Arabs and Muslims all over the world.

In clear words, I feel this was a correct decision as it was a recognition of a factual position. For decades the uS had not recognized Jerusalem as the Israeli capital, pandering to Arab and Muslim sentiment. But the sad part is, that nobody appreciated this and the terrorist attacks against Israel continued and America was often referred to as "the great Satan".In fact, the world and America gained nothing by postponing this decision, and I feel it only emboldened the Arabs.

The Arabs began to take for granted that they could dictate terms and the peace process never moved forward.

Trump in his speech mentioned this important fact and said that despite not recognizing Israel, the peace process had not moved an inch. This is true and by recognizing an obvious fact the Arabs are angry but Jerusalem or no Jerusalem the Arabs will not accept the existence of Israel. Trump has taken a bold decision and shows that he is also fed up with the activities of Hamas and other organizations who routinely attack civilians.

India has a large Muslim population, which for obvious reasons is antagonistic to Israel. Premier Modi who became the first ever PM to visit Israel, will have to do some tightrope walking. India may not at the moment recognize Jerusalem as the capital but some time down the line, a decision is inevitable. Already the Philippines are likely to follow the USA and other countries will also emerge.

One thing is clear, the fat is in the fire and the Arab terror groups will resort to violence, but that has been ongoing for seven decades. Jerusalem is a city that is considered holy by Islam, Christianity, and Jews and it is incumbent for all to maintain peace. Israel will continue as usual to give access to all worshippers. There is no discussion or doubt on this.

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Why would this decision be up to President Trump? The people of that area should make that decision, or at the least it should be done by their local government and our president should accept what they decide on. The people of this country waste time worrying about other things and trying to stop the President from making this country better. Israel is more than able to take care of itself and we are their allies if they need us, The most important fact here is that innocent people are being attacked and that needs to stop in any country. The practice of attacking innocent civilians is the most cowardly I know,