Knowing falsehood from Godliness

Knowing good from evil

Knowing falsehood from Godliness
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In today’s world there are so many preachers, so many churches, so many denominations, and so many religions. In my country, Jamaica, it is said that we hold the Guinness World Record for having the most churches per square mile. Yet, this fact does not deter the criminal from running a rampage across the island.

Reject irreligious fables and old wives’ tales. Train yourself in Godliness (1 Timothy 4:7). When we are not attuned to God, to His Word, we fall prey to all the nonsense and falsehood that comes our way. We do not possess the wisdom to differentiate between what is from God and what is not. There are many preachers who choose what they want to preach instead of being inspired by God and let Him give them the words to say. They are selective in the Bible verses they choose.

They scream, yell and do all sorts of antics and proclaim they are filled with the Holy Spirit. If we are not strong in faith and seek the understanding of God we too will fall prey to these irreligious activities. We become a part of these ungodly flocks. Therefore, let us seek God and His Holy Spirit to strengthen us. We were made to be Holy so let us be Holy and live Holy.

Many of us do not have the courage to stand up to those who should be leaders who are sprouting falsehood. There are so called leaders who use their position to manipulate and extort their flock. They do not want to be opposed and if opposed they go to extreme lengths to get rid of those who choose to oppose them. We must let no one reproach us on account of the truth we speak. Always speak the truth whether we will be accepted or not. Even if our leaders are not being truthful, we as disciples, apostles, sent to be ministers of God’s Word, must always speak the truth, just like Jesus did.

Some of the leaders of today use the Word of God solely for the purposes of selfish gain. They use the Church for their get rich schemes preaching a prosperity gospel that is based on selfishness. By doing this they deceive the people who look up and listen to them. They manipulate and extort their followers. They tempt people into doing sinful acts and entrap them in their schemes as well. They taint the Word of God and aid in bringing the Kingdom of God into ruin and destruction. Many of them are foolish and hold harmful ambitions which plunge them into darkness.

These false prophets are money hungry. They do everything to get people to donate to their churches and then use these donations for the wrong reasons. They talk about God but they do not know Him. They do not trust God, they instead manipulate His Words for their gain. By doing this isolate themselves from God. Good and evil exists in this world, but with God in our hearts we will not be able to make the difference.

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A fruitful life is one spent for others or for God.


The salvation that God brings us is a marriage between heaven and earth, a shared project between God and humans.


God made people to be free, holy, strong, in the image of Christ.


Aye, real prosperity is to prosper in manifesting true godliness.




Very honestly speaking, your articles reflect the real wisdom which are mostly found in religious books. You just provide a brief summary of the exact informations in the religious books. Very valuable write up


Thank you for the kind words.