How to Link Mobile Number with Aadhar Card Online From Home?

Link Mobile Number with Aadhar Card Online From Comfort of Home

How to Link Mobile Number with Aadhar Card Online From Home?
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Few days ago, a facility has been introduced by Indian government following which consumers can link their mobile phone number with aadhar card online right from their home without the need of going to nearest Aadhar correction center. So here is how to link mobile number with aadhar card online without visiting retail store.

Government's directive of linking the bank accounts as well as the Permanent Account Number (PAN) with Aadhar is being followed strictly all over the country and a maximum percentage of the same has already been linked with Aadhar numbers. Banks are being given the strict directives by RBI as well as the financial advisory boards under the government to keep an eye on each and every account number inside their banks and intimate their customers to get the account numbers linked to Aadhar without any further delay. Similarly, the compulsion of linking Aadhar with PAN has also been made for the tax-paying citizens of the country.

The facilities to link Aadhar with PAN has already been provided in the concerned web portal for Aadhar named UIDAI. The process of getting the customer's PAN linked to Aadhar is extremely simple and can easily be done following the instructions given in the portal. In case of linking bank accounts to Aadhar numbers, most of the bank customers have been given an option to link both these numbers availing Internet banking facilities. However, the persons who have no knowledge of using the Internet banking facilities were advised to go to their individual bank branches, submit a xerox signed copy of the Aadhar and request to concerned bank employee to get their Aadhar number linked with account number.

After few minutes, the bank customers get intimated by an sms regarding the confirmation of the same. If the sms fails to reach the concerned customer, he/she may get it verified by the concerned bank official that whether his/her account number has been linked to Aadhar number or not.

Recently, an important advisory regarding linking of mobile numbers with Aadhar number has also been issued by the central ministry. It has been ordered to link all the mobile numbers with Aadhar number failing which the SIM may be blocked. Following the instructions, the consumers started rushing to their nearest mobile retailers to get their numbers linked together. This facility was initially made available with concerned mobile number retailers only. Retailers use to authenticate the consumer's Aadhar taking a finger print scan with a device linked to their mobile. After following a list of few processes, the consumer mobile numbers used to get linked with their Aadhar. But, the entire process was assumed to take a lot of time as they were required to go to nearest location of the mobile retailer to get their SIM linked with the Aadhar without any difficulties as entire process consisted of a series of steps to be followed.

Following the difficulties of the consumers, government has taken the issue extremely seriously and has provided a facility to get the consumer's mobile number linked with Aadhar sitting at home following a few series of steps. So here is the process. 

How to Link Mobile Number With Aadhar Card Online from Home

1) Under the process, the consumers will be required to open their phone dialer and dial a number 14546 with the concerned mobile number from which the request of linking Aadhar is going to be made.

2) After following a few set of instructions including entering the right Aadhar card number, an OTP will be sent to the mobile number and after entering the OTP correctly, the necessary authentication will be made and the concerned mobile number will be linked to the Aadhar.

3) If the consumer wants to test whether the Aadhar is linked to the requested mobile number or not, he/she will be required to re-attempt the process of dialing the same number. After call connection, the consumer will get a voice message that his Aadhar is already linked to the mobile number.

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