Mukesh Ambani is now the Richest Man in Asia and Indians must Feel Proud

The top Indian industrialist is now moving from strength to strength

Mukesh Ambani is now the Richest Man in Asia and Indians must Feel Proud
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Mukesh Ambani is a visionary and one can recollect that he brought a tsunami in the world of telecommunication with his Jio launch. He has now become the richest man in Asia and India and its people will be happy as Ambani invests more for the good of the people.

Mukesh Ambani is the son of the doyen of Indian industry-namely Dhirubhai Ambani. Dhirubhai started his journey in 1951 from a small job in Aden and before he passed away he had done enough to establish him as the king of Indian business. There are many who questioned his rise to fame and riches as based on graft and deals. But India is a land replete with such phenomenon and in controlled economy ushered in by Nehru, perhaps this was something inevitable.

His elder son Mukesh took over the mantle of Dhirubhai and started his career with the aim of doing good for the masses. One can recollect that Donald Trump had said that the kings are the businessmen who generate employment and hard cash. Mukesh fits the bill as he has not sat on his inheritance but moved forward with visionary zeal.

His one point plan to spread benefits for the common man has been his refrain.

He launched the Jio telecommunication network and introduced the most modern 4G and Volte interface. He also brought down the prices by 76% and the tele-companies eating away money at the expense of the masses were bewildered. There is no doubt that he brought about a tsunami and he passed the benefits to the common man. he is now into broadband and another tsunami is expected.

Mukesh will be remembered as the man who brought the mobile revolution to the poor man. Such a man is a visionary and the result is there for all to see. Mukesh has overtaken Alibaba's, Jack Maw and become the richest man in Asia. This is a matter of joy as it means Mukesh will invest more and more for the good of the nation. He will show the fruits for him as well and may well in the run even beat Jeff Bezos. Ambani stands at $ 44.3 billion while Jeff Bezoz is at $150 million; some catching to do

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This is an amazing article to read. A billionaire with a heart for his country.