Priyanka Chopra is Dating a man 10 years Younger and Marriage is on Cards

Priyanka and Nick Jonas are love birds

Priyanka Chopra is Dating a man 10 years Younger and Marriage is on Cards
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Harpers Bazaar has reported that the duo is dating each other and also traveled to India together. This could lead to something serious and marriage.

Gossip magazines abound in the West, particularly in America. But all news is not gossip and sometimes behind the smoke there is some element of truth. The latest news doing the rounds is that an "affair" is ongoing between Indian star Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas a celebrity singer and songwriter. It is reported that the two have been dating each other for over a year and were also seen together at the wedding of the son of Mukesh Ambani, where they entered holding hands and wearing identical rings.

Harpers Bazaar a top gossip magazine has spilled the beans on the affair between Chopra and Jonas. Both are worth millions of dollars and are "made for each other". However one will have to think about this relationship as Priyanka is 10 years older to Jonas, who is just 25.

Priyanka Chopra is 35 and had won the Miss World crown way back in 2000.

Both the lovebirds were in India recently and it is reported that they met the brother of Priyanka and her mother. They reportedly also visited Goa and Priyanka's mother and brother tagged along. This shows that something serious is in the offing and her fans are hoping that this time Priyanka will tie the knot.  Priyanka has been reported to have said that she is now looking forward to getting married.

Priyanka also accompanied Jonas on his recent tour of Brazil and the Indian star who has made it good in Hollywood was seen rooting for her love. Priyanka is a global star who after Bollywood has graduated to Hollywood, which remains an elusive dream for most Indian actors. She is the heroine of the "Quantico" series and also starred in the film "Baywatch" opposite Dwayne Johnson She has at least three films lined up for release from Hollywood this and next year.

The rumor mills are predicting that Priyanka and Jonas will be engaged next month. One will have to wait and see. Only a crystal gazer may be able to unravel the truth. It's not an easy forecast to make anyway.

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