Why Success is Your Birthright?

Your Right to Succeed

Why Success is Your Birthright?
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Many people focus all their time and attention on considering the reasons why they cannot succeed, which is exactly why success eludes them. Well, success comes when you do exactly the opposite: focus on the reasons why you can succeed. In this life-transforming article, you will discover ten absolute reasons why it is your right to succeed.

Has it ever occurred to you that you have the right to succeed? Have you considered that you have all it takes to achieve success? Or are you held back by inferiority complex? Are you hindered by self-limiting beliefs? Are you still in the valley of despair? How long will you let doubt keep you stagnant? How long will unbelief hinder you from achieving your desired success?

Now let’s face the truth. You do have every right to succeed. It is your inalienable right to succeed like any other person. Yes, you have the right to succeed spiritually, socially, academically, and even financially. You can succeed in every way you want.

Here are ten absolute reasons why it is your right to succeed. One, your maker designed you to succeed.

Two, you have what it takes to succeed. Three, other people, who are even less talented than you, have succeeded. Four, other people, who are in worse circumstances than you, have succeeded. Five, all things are possible if you believe. Six, all skills are learnable. Seven, everyone can dream and achieve. Eight, you have the right to choose what you want. Nine, you have the time to pursue your goals. Ten, you have the right to take action. We shall discuss these one by one.

Your Maker Designed You to Succeed

As a human being, you were made in the image and likeness of your Maker, God Almighty. God is a creator; and since you’re like him, you certainly possess creative abilities. Being creative gives you the right to succeed. Did you know that God designed you to have dominion over things within your environment? See Genesis 1:26. To have dominion is to have power and authority; to control or rule your environment. Since God made you in his likeness, and since he gave you dominion over all things around you, then you certainly have the right to succeed.

You Have All it Takes to Succeed

You have all it takes to succeed. Let’s start from the basics. Do you realize that you were born with all the parts you need to function successfully on this physical planet? Yes, you came out from your mother’s womb with all the parts necessary to live and function successfully. Nothing is missing; you just had to keep learning how to use these parts or organs as you grew from childhood to adulthood. Have you considered how wonderfully and intelligently you are made (Psalm 139:14)? You have hands with which you can accomplish the things you want. You have legs with which you can walk away from your undesirable situation and move to your desired destination. You have eyes to see, ears to hear and a mouth to communicate and decree good things. Above all, you have the mind to think, reason, dream, set goals and make plans to achieve your desired success. God has given you all these and more. Beyond the physical, he has given you “all things that pertain to life and godliness” (2Pet.1:3-4). All things mentioned here include the spiritual gifts which are also given freely to everyone. You have the right to the promises of God; you have the right to the word of God; you have the right to pray; all things are yours. It is absolutely your right to succeed.

Others Succeeded, So You Too Can Succeed

What one man can do, another person can do it as well or even better. Did you know that in every field of life there are numerous persons who have already achieved outstanding success? Did you know that some of these achievers are even less talented in their chosen careers than you are? If they succeeded, you certainly have the right to succeed.

People in Worse Circumstances Have Succeeded

Have you considered the success stories of some physically challenged people in the society? Some of them were either born without hands or had their hands amputated. Yet they have learnt how to use what they have (stumps, perhaps) to accomplish what they want. Some have no legs, no eyes, etc. Yet they have achieved success for themselves in various fields of human endeavour. Different people in various frustrating circumstances have been able to weather the storm and have come out to tell their success stories. So, you too can succeed, in spite of your present situation.

All Things are Possible if You Believe

It is possible for you to succeed; you are the only one who can relinquish your right to succeed. Jesus Christ, the greatest authority on all issues of life, stated in Mark 9:23 that if only you can believe all things are possible to anyone who believes. Since believing gives you the right to succeed, you certainly have every right to succeed.

All Skills are Learnable

Skill is the ability to do something that comes from training, experience or practice. It is a learned power to do something competently. To succeed in whatever you are doing, you need the skills to get the right things done. The good news is that all skills are learnable. This implies that even if you don’t have the skills required for your success in a particular field, you can learn those skills. Everyone has the freedom to learn whatever new skills they want; so everyone has the right to succeed.
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Everyone Can Dream and Achieve

Everyone can dream and achieve. Success has been defined by notable scholars as a progressive realization of a worthy ideal or dream. Your ability to dream gives you the right to succeed. You have the right to have or develop the mental picture of what you want you to become. If you can dream it, then you can achieve it.

You Have the Right to Choose What You Want

Everyone is free to choose whatever they want to do or become. Did you know that the power to choose what you want is your God-given right (Deut.30:19)? This implies that success is a choice anyone can make for themselves. If you have been given the right to choose between life and death, then you certainly have the right to choose between success and failure.

You Have the Time to Pursue Your Goals

Time is undoubtedly a key factor in achieving success. Time is freely available to everyone. You have the right to use your time in pursuit of whatever goals you set for yourself. What you do with your time is up to you. Your time is your right. If you use your time wisely in result-oriented activities, you will achieve your goals. So, your time gives you the right to succeed.

You Have the Right to Take Action

Everyone has the right to make decisions and take actions with a view to achieving whatever they want. Action is the master key to success. Actions determine results. You reap whatever you sow, as the saying goes. You can choose to channel your energy to pursuing a worthy objective. This is the way to achieve success. The right to do whatever you want gives you the right to succeed.

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