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Ways to reduce devastating impact on the environment

Reducing your carbon footprint on the environment

Ways to reduce devastating impact on the environment
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Global warming and climate change are becoming more and more important in our society. They are both critically important and are at devastating risks to society. The ozone is under severe attack and evidence of this is being felt by the tremendous heat that is now affecting our earth.

The climate of the earth is so haphazard that it has become increasingly difficult to monitor, prepare for and control. Nevertheless there are steps that we as humans can take to help combat these changes.

We can begin by choosing to use recycled materials. Recycling is a habit we should all adhere to because it reduces the stress on the environment. Many of the materials that are popularly being used take several years to degrade. By using recycled materials we alleviate the stress placed on the environment to degrade materials especially plastic. Let us avoid using excess packaging by using products that can be recycled or that have been recycled.

If we can we should eliminate plastic all together as this waste product has become a nuisance to our environment, especially to our oceans. Plastics suffocating our sea creatures even our most precious and exotic ones.

Let us conserve energy. Our world is becoming more and more technologically advanced which will require the use of electricity to keep all these machines going. Therefore to reduce our e-waste, let us use energy conservation methods as much as possible. Using fluorescent light bulbs is much better because they last longer. Invest in renewable energy such as solar, wind (if possible) and biogas (especially if you operate a farm).

Limit your use of paper as much as possible especially those of us who are in the working world. Use emails, pdfs and so forth to communicate with each other. Print less that way we do not waste paper, and by using less paper we save trees from which paper is made.

Other ways to combat global warming and climate change are: buying unbleached or chlorine free paper products, example of these are coffee filters and bath tissue. Buying only the amount you need when purchasing hazardous products so there is minimal left overs and wastage. Using rechargeable batteries to help in the reduction of toxic waste and washing in cold water when using a washing machine saves energy.

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Though I think climate change / global warming is not man-made and overrated, I still think it is important to take care of the environment. Society is odd. We were told in the late 1960s when in high school that some scientists were predicting a mini ice age around 2015. For decades some of us have known that. But it seems like another portion of society has been taken by surprise. Anyhow, if there is any change going on I think it is natural and nothing we do will stop it.


Our actions do effect the environment and how it operates. One such simply action is garbage disposal. Carelessly disposing of garbage like dumpling it in drains, gullies or even on the streets, lead to infestation and unnecessary flooding causing infections and damage to infrastructure. So in a very big way we humans are contributing to the increase in global warming and climate change.


The three basic types of adaptations, based on how the genetic changes are expressed, are structural, physiological and behavioral adaptations. Most organisms have combinations of all these types.


As what many experts believe, this continuous global warming that we are experiencing now results to increase of the earth's temperature to about .65 degrees celsius per year. You are right! The key habit to further prevent global warming is to use the 3Rs of waste segregation but before applying such, people needs to be discipline first. Thanks for sharing.


Indeed, people need to be more disciplined in how they treat the earth. This attitude of laziness and not caring will continue to damage our and the environment's health. Thank you for reading.