Why not be an addict for God?

Who is your God?

Why not be an addict for God?
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Psalm 42 is a repetitive Psalm which asks the question “where is your God?” It is not by accident, because really and truly, many of us do not know how to answer this question.

When we cannot answer the question of “where is your God?” we become confused wanderers, going from church to church or from denomination to denomination. Therefore, knowing the answer to this question is imperative. We must first know who our God is before we can know where to find him. For me, my God is the Creator of all things and knows all things. Where can I find my God? Easy, my God is everywhere. How do I know this? Simple, scripture says “he is in the gentlest breeze to the mighty thunder.

More importantly, he is in every person as we were created in his image and likeness.” The latter is very often hard to comprehend based on how many human beings act: murdered, adulterers, thieves, slanderers, ect. How can God be in such humans we say? Another Psalm says that God knew us before we were born. So, we can only conclude that what is happening to our world and to humanity is for a reason, His reason.

I am confident that my God exists and I know where to find Him. I am ashamed that I do not call upon Him as often as I should. This is a daily duty and a work in progress. Sometimes I get caught up in trying to comprehend what exactly His plan is for me. I need to let go more and lean deeper into His trust. I need to take one step at a time, meditate and listen to His voice and see where He takes me. I am happy that the end which He has created for those who follow Him is a joyous one and not as miserable as some individuals make it out to be. His might, creativity and powerfulness amazes me. He truly is the greatest artist of all.

“Why spend money on what is not bread. Your wages on what fails to satisfy?” Bread is considered physical nourishment for the physical body. We eat to stay alive, to feel strong. However, human beings have taken up the habit of spending their income on material things which do not aid in nourishing them. Things such as clothing, cars, houses, jewellery, ect. It has become common for parents to spend their money on everything else beside their children, especially on parties, while said children go hungry and cannot go to school. Addictions fail to satisfy us. That is why addicts keep going back for their drug over and over. They are constantly empty. Sometimes they develop greed, always wanting more than they can manage. Some of the major addictions the world faces are: gambling, alcoholism, sex and shopping.

These addictions causes the breakdown of the physical self of the individual, their mental consciousness-they are not aware of the hurt they are causing on both themselves and others- and their spiritual self-they cannot find peace. Also, the family structure is broken down when one of its members is an addict. There are upsurges of arguments, children and spouses are neglected, fights ensue which could lead to persons getting hurt. So then why do individuals go this route if it leads to disaster? Why not go the route of God? Why not become an addict for God? Why not seek Him over and over so that He can heal us and we become at peace? Why? Because the road to God is narrow and rocky and not easy and as human beings we prefer the easy way in doing things. I feel sad that individuals seek material things to make them satisfied. I become annoyed and irritated that innocent children are hurt along the way when the adults who are to protect them, instead choose to hurt them. But I am enlightened that God, through the prophet Isaiah, has raised the questions: if it does not nourish the body and soul, then why buy it? If it does not satisfy our being then why spend hard earned money on it?

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Here's a godly addiction: 1Co 16:15 I beseech you, brethren, (ye know the house of Stephanas, that it is the firstfruits of Achaia, and that they have addicted themselves to the ministry of the saints,)


My God is the God designed in the faces of the oppressed, depressed, poor and exploited people. That is why I serve and worship my God through these people. It is right to become an addict to God but we also need to be careful of the result of such kind of addiction. It may lead one to become a fanatic, an extremist or worse, a religiously pre-occupied person. We need to keep everything in balance.Anyway, many of the things you mentioned are agreeable on my part. Thanks for sharing.