Our hearts are attuned to God

Tuning our hearts to God

Our hearts are attuned to God
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Let us turn to our beloved God for help in being less gloomy so He can transform us by His love. Let us listen to Him when He says to us “you are my beloved one.”

Each day let us take time to say how grateful we are to our beloved god for all the ways He let us know just our near He is to us. He wants us to turn around from whatever does not love in our lives. By being connected with Him is what saves us. Each day we are to give ourselves in love and we are never alone as God is with us every step of the way. For His mercies we are to be grateful as we ourselves try to be merciful. His realness He has placed in us which helps us to see what is good more clearly in others.

Many have to be tormented before we recognize and pay attention to what life is really about. Let us ask God to rock our souls with the greatness of His love so that we can be aware of those who need our generosity. We need to build our lives around the cornerstone which is God’s mercy and love. God’s love is extravagant, let us be aware of it. He is with us when we face disaster as well as when we receive deliverance.

Turning away from God is when we sin. This does not mean that He is finished with us as He is always open to us returning into His bosom. Let us not be discouraged when the going gets tough. Instead let us be aware that God is with us no matter what is happening to us. Loving each other commands us to forgive. Lack of forgiveness adds poison to our world. Forgiving is a blessing and blessing begets blessing. We are blessed when we recognize our need for God. Needing God means trusting Him. When we trust God we open the door of life. Every day God shows us that we come from Him and that we belong to Him. Though times are hard we should never neglect each other. Instead we should share the living water that is God’s Son Jesus Christ with all who are thirsting in the world. Without Jesus there is no salvation. Jesus is the light. Our world has so much darkness today but with Jesus the darkness will never overcome the light. Jesus set us free by His sacrifice. This sacrifice is the truth that prevails. This truth is rooted in our deep personal relationship with God.

God’s work is all about love. This work is done by all different type of people with different beliefs. God created the whole world and Jesus sacrificed His life for the whole world. Let us ask Jesus to help us to feel the touch of love so we can touch others lovingly in this chaos which is this life. With Jesus, death has no power over us as he already conquered death on the cross. Let us ask him to open whatever is dead inside of us to joy which he brings.

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