A blessing a day

Let us extend the blessing of God

A blessing a day
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May Yahweh bless you and keep you. May Yahweh let His face shine on you, and be gracious to you. May Yahweh look kindly on you, and give you His peace (numbers 6:24-26).

God is gracious and through His graciousness He blesses us, shinning upon His love and mercy. Through God we are a people made holy and strong in His image and through His Son we are made free by salvation. Our forefather Abraham, a man of strong faith we live out the promise which God made him. God promised to make Abraham the father of a multitude of nations, and we are descendants of that multitude. Each day God blesses us but sometimes we do not recognize the blessings because we are looking for enormous signs. However not every blessing comes in extravagant ways and not every extravagant sign is a blessing.

Many of us blessings come in small instances. Therefore we are not to look down on or scorn the little things in life as it is said “they are blessings in disguise.” Let us acknowledge all the things that God is doing in our lives both the big and small. Let us be careful of the extravagant and proud things in our lives as they can be devious structures aiming at our demise.

God made all things and all does belong to Him. Yet some of us choose to disown Him and not speak to or of Him. We become out of control, can’t think straight. We lack wisdom, knowledge and understanding so we make unwise and foolish decisions. But if we allow ourselves to be teachable, if we be respectful, we open up ourselves to God’s wisdom and blessings making us ministers of His Word and vessels of His blessing. That is why we are to reject all irreligious ways of life, let us not be held down by the greediness of the world. Instead, let us fight to live as responsible persons who are upright and serve the will of God. People will not like us, but we must not let them deter us from God. Once we put God first, little by little, we will not care to do evil but instead we will be so filled with the blessing and power of God that all we want to do is to share it.

God’s blessing purifies us and molds our hearts to His will. With God’s blessing we are more serious about doing what is good. Corruption will no longer overtake us. We will only do what God has envisioned for us. We will no longer take part in the evil of the world or look to false promises or false gods. Instead our lives will tell a take of conversion, we become like Paul who was once Saul. The blessing of God makes us the Bride of His Son Jesus the Christ. He the Bridegroom rejoices in us and so must rejoice in Him too. With God’s blessing we recognize what our gifts are and use them to glorify His name. By being baptized we are numbers of His body but we have to be proactive to keep our status active.

The blessing of God allows us to share with each other. We use our talents to assist each other. Every person has been blessed by God but unless we ask the Spirit cannot reveal such blessing. So then let us commit ourselves the life of Christ so that the Spirit can awake in us the blessing which we have deep within us.

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