Women’s Day is Not Just a Celebration of Womanhood But a Lesson to Learn to

Women’s Day: Let us start the celebration from our home

Women’s Day is Not Just a Celebration of Womanhood But a Lesson to Learn to
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On every occasion, I see that so many programs, processions are arranged by so many organizations. There so called leaders of the society deliver long speeches on that occasion. So many claps, appreciations, praise and what not but the very next day, everyone forgets about everything and starts what they are usually doing without learning any lesson from the previous day’s celebration. My question is… what is the purpose remains, behind all the arrangements to show our respect if we are not at all want learn anything, change anything????

Every year on 8th March we celebrate women’s day. As a woman it is a day to feel proud of myself and my service to the family as well as the society. But after a deep thought and some research work, I felt that our society is lagging far behind to understand the actual meaning of the word woman. How can they respect or value womanhood if they don’t know the word itself. The purpose of 8th March or International Women’s Day is fading out if we see the actual scenario. The rate of increase in crime against women is the burning example of that.

In the year 2013 number of crime against women (rape, kidnapping and abduction) cases were 40,530 and in the year 2014 it was 51,620. God knows how far it has increased now. If our society is progressing, our thoughts are changing than should the data be like this? Actual truth is that we claim to be changing but really we are far from that.

From the ancient time inequality against woman is going on and still it is there in our society. Though the scenario has changed but very less in comparison to the claims uttered by our social leaders and so called civilized persons. In our society discrimination against girls is a very common scene till today. In our villages girls are still a liability for the family and not the asset of the family. They are forced to do those things which they do not deserve to be. Even after marriage they have to go through so much of domestic violence which we read in newspapers almost every day.

A woman gives up everything for the sake of her family members and wants nothing but the support and love. Is she demanding more than her service? Just think once with a justified eye and mind. I am sure you will get the right answer. You can support a girl or woman, just do the following …….

1. Appreciate her and thank her for her daily care and love at the end of day.

2. Listen to her, share her feelings and try to solve her problem as she does for you.

3. If she wants to do anything, support her wholeheartedly.

4. Have faith in her and encourage her to step further.

5. Never compare her to anybody else.

6. Consider her as a strong pillar of your family and not just a member only.

I know, the light of education has enlightened many people. That is why we see lady pilots, lady politicians, lady boxers, lady sport persons, women cricket team etc today. We have witnessed many more achievements in many fields by women.

My request to everyone and of course to the parents, please change your mind set. Let the girls or women open their wings and fly high, support them, understand them, guide them, be a mentor to them, set an example of a true parent or true husband in front of them. There lies the true celebration of womanhood and Women’s day. Actual purpose of 8th March will be served.

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Being an advocate on women's rights and protection should always start from your family. Thank you for this article that served as a great reminder for us on gender equality.