Believers turn from evil

Evil has no place in God’s realm

Believers turn from evil
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When we live without God we are responsible for the evil that befalls. Evil normally appears in deserving forms, very beautifully, on the outward appearances, while on the inside, and is dark, and miserable.

We must repay evil for evil or answer one insult with another. For if you seek life and want to see happiness, keep your tongue from evil and your mouth from speaking deceit. Turn away from evil and do good, seek peace and pursue it. Speak of hope instead of despair. Always be respectful in your answers. Develop a clear conscience and do not slander or shame those around you.

Instead be upright in your Christian living. It is better for us to suffer for doing well, if it is God’s will, than for doing wrong. If will live in isolation we succumb to overwhelm doubts. Doubts bring depression and depression leads to death. As Creator, God built us an all-inclusive universe. It possesses all we need we just need to look with wisdom for what we need. God’s wisdom is always at work in history, fixing the evil that we create.

It is only when we are true believers that the divination of God’s truth will be revealed to us. Our faith allows us to be guided by God the Father where we find all the treasures of knowledge and wisdom. Every day we receive personal revelation from God we just have use our Spiritual vision to see them.

God is very interested in us. He knew us before we were born, created our destinies and everything. The covenant between us and Him is a special one. He does not merely want to save our souls; He wants us to live with Him in eternity. With God we grow in awareness and responsibility that prepares us for divine union through the Holy Spirit. Everything around us has elements of the Spirit of God. Everything is a sign from God and a way to reconcile with him. We are not the product of chance and we should not live our days by chance or luck. We must pray that our eyes be open to the path God wants us to take. We must make our goal be one of reuniting with God our Father so we must not be swept away by the confusion and destruction of this world.

As believers we should always lean on the Word of God and be guided by His commandments. Let our linkage to God be one of deep communication of Spirit to Spirit, which immerses in truth. If we act depraved, impure or covetous we have no part in the Kingdom of God. We must not be deceiving now and expect life to be without problems. Life will have problems but with God we will have the know-how and strength to traverse all problems.



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