A personal review of FlipKart that will interest all Consumers

A site that does not honor its contract with the buyer( customer)

A personal review of FlipKart that will interest all Consumers
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Two incidents have rocked my faith in Flipkart now taken over by Walmart. The site after accepting money canceled two orders and no reason was assigned. The item continues to be advertised on Flipkart and one can only surmise that Flipkart picks and chooses its customers. Maybe its arrogant and calls for a reference to the consumer court.

Flipkart is the top online selling site. It has now been taken over by Walmart and its a rival to the other top shopping site-Amazon. Incidentally, as things stand Jeff Bezoz the owner of Amazon is the richest man in the world. Flipkart is a little ahead in sales of Amazon and one had expected that the site would honor the contracts it enters into with its customers. Unfortunately, this is not so and brings to the fore that Flipkart is not only capricious in its behavior but has scant respect for the customer.

 I had heard many tales about this behavior of Flipkart but now having been at the receiving end twice, I can conclude that most complaints against flip Kart are true.

Here are two incidents which I shall relate from personal experience that show this e-commerce site in the very poor light.  The undersigned had ordered a Bosch washing machine from Flipkart for 19499. Fine, the amount was paid by me through the Bajaj Fin serve card and I duly received an email that the item would be supplied by Saturday 18 August.

I was in for a rude shock when the next day when I opened my site,I found a cryptic message that the item is canceled. No reason was given and when the undersigned rang up the helpline the operator on duty could not give any answer.

I thought the machine is no longer being sold by the company. Again I was in for a shock when I noticed that the machine was still being advertised making me wonder why it was canceled for me. I will state here that I have bought many items from this site but this was an entirely strange and new phenomenon.

Now the refund to my Bajaj account takes 8-10 days and the result was though the company had refunded the money, it still remained in my debit account and I could not use it to buy any other item. I was shocked at teh behavior of Flipkart. Firstly it has violated a "contract for sale" as laid down in the Indian Contract Act and secondly caused immense harm to me by way of worry and monetary loss.

I must state that a similar thing had happened with Philips phone but I did not pursue it as I bought another from Amazon. What is the solution? Flip cart must be hauled before the consumer court. Would this company have behaved similarly in the USA? Obviously not as it would have been sued for millions of dollars, but in India, you can even get away with murder. Flip kart is no knight in shining armor and readers must beware of this company. I wonder if the government can step in and regulate this company. I have attached a screenshot of the transaction.

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After Walmart took over Flipkart it is are publicly feeling that the quality of services have degraded over time.


Though I had no such experience of canceling the order by them but I have got another kind of inconvenience twice with them. And I totally agree with you that their help support is quite dumb. I was given a wrong item and it took almost a week for them to come pick it up and exchange it for the one that I ordered. They needed constant reminders about it which was a pain in the neck. Second time, they gave me damaged item and the same story repeated. They have to realize that they have to be on their toes to serve customers in this competitive market.


Thanks, Abhijit. This is a fact and can't be brushed under the carpet.


Never heard about anything like what you mentioned in your article upfront - like canceling the orders and mentioning no reason. Honestly speaking, I never heard this about any site earlier. But something happens for the first time, after all.