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Whatever task we do in our life, it is surrounded by our actions. These actions should be given a right path and turned to good path so that individual will have good life to with,

Experiences And Rightful Action

From our experiences we have encountered in our daily life how rightful actions releases good impact on us and society of ours. It is always recommended to work with right approach. It means when someone is following the path of righteousness and truthfulness, then he is sure going to have bitter experience. It is the basic fundamental of life. It is because following the right path is the path of good. According to the scriptures, say of any religion.

For example Hinduism, it explores various opportunities to individual to carry on their right work. Some of basic questions that are asked are like how the life has originated? What factors led to the evolution of life? Is life and death natural phenomena? From where the vice and virtue arises.

Right Path-Filled With Severe Dificulties

When one follows this right path, then one has to overcome various obstacles. If we take example from the stories of eminent historic personalities like Stayavadi Raja Harish Chandra was an ardent support of truth. He for the sake of truth renounces (truth-speaker) every materialistic thing even to his wife and son. When he was examined by the god, then god finds him pass in the text.

Good Action Has Positive Results

Good actions always bring a positive result in the life. The life is not so complicated but it is our actions that make it so. So, be generous in life and follow right path. The first path of every human being is truth. This truth brings us more nearer to god. When we are nearer to god we are filled with positive confidence and positive energy. For this purposes, there are many meditation centers all around the globe that help one to attain the spiritual thoughts. The right action, right path and meditation depend on way they train the mediators.

Right Path, Right Thoughts

Therefore, one is advised to follow the right path and learn from the experiences of oneself and others. When we are filled with positive thoughts, then naturally our soul will make move towards the right path. In short, our life is what our action has made so.

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Hello! I myself always try to take the right path in my life which is not necessarily easy. I'm not necessarily religious I just live with the golden rule treat others as you would like to be treated. I try to help and give as much of myself as I can. I don't expect anything as following the right path doesn't necessarily mean good things always coming your way. You must do what feels right for you!


Our actions have consequences. So it is important that what we do or say bears good fruit.


I totally agree. Religious symbolism has always been there from times immemorial. the idols of the Hindu religion represent a total of ideas and concepts. eg. Shakti or energy is symbolised as a woman goddess not a man. the man is for valour defending his people as in the heroes like Sri Rama . Ganesha is the gentleness of the elephant and its strength. The Monkey God Hnauman represents the monkey mind.When the monkey mind is controlled by a higher force,in this case Lord Rama ,it becomes deep devotion.


You have rightly pointed out how every religion advocates for right deeds and following a right path of love and duty to reach GOD. Religion definitely streamlines a society. Imagine a society with no religious guide. It will be chaotic and there will be life only to follow the animal instinct. Your Karma will come back to you...this is one underlying preaching across the religion. So keep up with your right work in right path.