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God is a good God- Yes He is

God's goodness is forever

God is a good God- Yes He is
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God is a good God who lifts us up, guides us on His path of goodness and holds us firm in His love and mercy. His name is great and lives on forever, therefore we should trust Him so He can lead us the paradise He so often speaks to us about. Since He is so amazing, why do we constantly feel the need to let Him down?

God is a God of goodness, evil does not come from Him, evil is the result of disassociation from God. Biblical mythology teaches that the source of all evil, Lucifer, Satan, Devil, all names we use to refer to such evil, was also a source of goodness. Lucifer was an angel in the presence of God in Heaven. The name Lucifer means light bearer. Lucifer’s descent from Heaven happened when he challenged God by starting a rebellion. Lucifer used to be beautiful but his descent from Heaven turned him ugly.

Hence, in today’s culture, all images and representations of him are of a not so good looking creature. The most being the red devil with horns and a pitch fork. Since our God is one of goodness and forgiveness, He is waiting for us to ask Him for such forgiveness, to repent and come back to His fold. You might find this weird, but He is also waiting for Lucifer to ask for His forgiveness and return to His angelic post. That’s how good our God is.

When we don’t know who God is we become afraid of him and we make mistakes, some which are really sinful. Nevertheless, He provided for us a way to make those wrongs right, and that way was through the sacrificial death and resurrection of His son, Jesus the Christ. Through Christ all our sins are forgiven and we become reunited with our Heavenly Father. Through Christ we know the Father; we know how to love Him and how to serve Him. Jesus himself told us plainly, “I am the way, the truth and the life; no one comes to the Father but through me. If you know me, you will know the Father also” (John 14:6-7).

From God come the son and the Spirit, a divinity so mysterious that it brings us wholeness, justice and peace. God intended for us not just to multiply reproductively but spiritually as well. It is the latter we tend to ignore and neglect. Multiplying spiritually means radiating the love of God to each other thereby bringing others into the fold of God. We all come from God, from the same Father, and no matter how far we may stray; He will always welcome us back into His arms. In Him only will we know what it means to be rich; rich in spirit, rich in love, and rich in mercy. In Him will we know what it means to be free; free in spirit, free in mind, free in heart and free in soul.

Everyday He grants us graces so powerful that our spirit will be healed. To recognize such graces we have to believe, believe that He exists, believe that He is always here for us, believe that He saves us, and then we will resonate such belief through his graces and spread His truth through the expression of His love for us. We become His pollen making contact with each other for the season of blossoming.

Therefore we cannot allow corruption to blindside us or to take away our vision of God’s amazing grace. When we see evil, as God’s children we have a duty to report it and if we can make it right. You might say that means nothing, but in the sight of God it means everything. Remember God is good and we were made out of His goodness to do good and to live a life of goodness.

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Our God is really an awesome, wonderful, loving and merciful God. Continue sharing such topic.


Thank you for reading and commenting. I do indeed plan on sharing more of my feelings and thoughts on our wonderful, amazing and Almighty God.


Thank God for His goodness and that He is good indeed!


Amen. Each day is another chance, another moment, to live in gratitude. Each day is another chance to give praises and thanksgiving to God.


I must thank you a thousand times for this amazing post. The way you described, explained and compared the human conceptions has touched me a lot. It depends on us how we lead our life and create our own destiny. God is always graceful and helped each and everyone through blessings. Somebody feels that and somebody not.


Thank you for reading and commenting. I am happy you were touched by my words. God has so much to say to us and we must take the time to listen to Him and to heed His commands.


God is the creater of the world


Indeed He is a wonderful God who is gracious and merciful to all of us. He loves us unconditionally and wants us to love him back. Loving Him brings joy, peace and comfort that we cannot find anywhere else.