Painting Styles and Painting Techniques of Artists

Painting Styles and Painting Techniques of Great Artists

Painting Styles and Painting Techniques of Artists
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The contrasting styles of different artists/painters are exhibited in museums and art galleries all over the world. The uniqueness of layering colors and revealing and concealing brushstrokes gives each painter his/her signature style. This article discusses painting styles and painting techniques of artists and offers a perspective on why art reproductions are becoming popular.

The use of colors, layout of shades and the depth of brushstrokes determine the composition and style of painting. The thought process and visualization of artists enables them to create what’s unimaginable. Artists have a preferred choice of medium they use to create paintings. Although oil paints are accepted as the standard medium for painting, art can’t be restricted to using a particular medium. There are several works of artists using different mediums to bring art to life. Over the years, the passion to paint using different mediums is growing significantly.


The painting styles and painting techniques of artists differ drastically. Every artists leaning towards a particular style is often a natural development at a young age. While the school of thought on brushstrokes varies drastically, the truth lies in the fact about painting being a free-form of expression not defined by a method or style. The lines below discuss artists and their styles and techniques that bring out the essence of aesthetics that stem symbolically from the heart and mind.

Claude Monet paintings

When we mention Claude Monet paintings, the vivid lifelike perception of nature and landscape comes to mind. The master and founder of French impressionist style of painting, Claude Monet was known for his unique rapid brushstrokes. When other impressionists of his time chose to replicate work by famous artists, Claude Monet was inspired by what he saw through his eyes, the pure innocence of nature in its natural form. Most of his paintings depict visuals of landscapes seen in their natural hue of color and dynamism. His painting titled Impression, Sunrise led to the term impressionism being used in the art world. The dynamism of his brush strokes and the natural hue of colors used to depict outdoors have influenced several artists.  

Salvador Dali paintings

When you look at Dali paintings you witness the artist’s affinity toward surreal imagery. Salvador Dali was known for his style of depicting images in a bizarre manner. Influenced by sculpture, photography and art from the Renaissance era his paintings were imaginative, thought provoking and evoked a sentiment of angst and mockery of the world around. His most popular work The Persistence of Money depicts striking images of watches melting. The dramatic tone of soft imagery and colors used in the painting has influenced several artists in today’s world. Salvador Dali’s uncharacteristic style and eccentricity of thoughts depicted in paintings were like none other in his time.    

Georgia O’ Keeffe paintings

Every artist’s style and exhibition of brushstroke and composition of color is a joy to witness. Georgia O’ Keeffe paintings represent a tonal quality that can be attributed to abstract transitions. The crisp images of flowers, rocks, landscapes and animal bones depicted in her paintings have been appreciated the world over. Georgia O’ Keeffe was an American painter that gained exceptional prominence in Europe during her time. Her artwork was inspired by personal perception, thoughts and travel. Her paintings inspired several artists, women in particular to peruse art as a career.  

Gustav Klimt Paintings

Many artists have depicted the female body in paintings, but one artist that has presented female eroticism in its theatrical brilliance is Gustav Klimt. Most of his paintings have style and vision that that are unique. Klimt paintings have a dynamic disposition of women in a somber mood. The subtle tone of colors used to showcase women is encompassed with brushstrokes in accordance with the subject. Among the few artists that have managed to express the depth and realms of the female body Gustav Klimt’s style of exploration remains untouchable. Murals, paintings and sketches were a preferred choice of this talented artist.

Pablo Picasso Paintings

Picasso paintings have an amicable technique and style that reproduction artists find hard to emulate. Some of his revolutionary depictions of figures and forms in his paintings have inspired numerous techniques incorporated by artists in their paintings. The dynamic composition of colors in his paintings embodies different styles of layering paint. The nuances of brushstrokes vary in different paintings showcasing his versatile ability.  

Pierre-Auguste Renoir Paintings

Renoir paintings highlight the early impressionist style of painting. Many of his paintings depict the essence of sensuality in women. The celebration of woman bathing captured in his nudes is a vision that has inspired artists all over the world. His ability to capture a moment in a painting and give it his characteristic touch made his paintings unique. The balance of colors in his self-portraits is evidence of his love for natural colors. What made his paintings stand out among other artists of his time was the elegant simplicity of his brushstrokes. The different styles and techniques painters use to create imagination on canvas is truly inspiring.

Vincent van Gough Paintings

The use of color and dynamism of layers and shades that encompass each other give identity to a painting. Van Gough paintings are known for the vivid use of color to portray emotion. The clarity of his vision was beautifully expressed through his paintings. The vibrancy of colors used in his paintings is a constant source of inspiration and hope for individuals taking up painting. His meticulous brushwork, shading patterns and dynamics of expression in his paintings have influenced a number of artists around the world.       

Mark Rothko Paintings

Rothko paintings have evoked curiosity and reaction from individuals all over the world. Although his expression through bold use of color categorized him as an expressionist in the abstract league of painters he disliked categorized under a genre. His techniques of forms of shape, and color utilization through textures have inspired interior designers to implement his color schemes and composition in home and office décor. Although he didn’t acquire the recognition other painters of his time garnered, his paintings serve as a purposeful reminder of art being promoted in niche circles.

Impressionist Art Forms

Impressionist paintings refer to intricate nuances of thin brushstrokes, composition of colors, and accurate depiction seen through unusual perception in the form of visual angles. This impressionism art movement came into prominence in the 19th century and derived its name from a painting titled Impression, Sunrise, by Claude Monet, the founder of this form of art. The accents of colors changing in accordance with light are beautifully portrayed in paintings by artists that have been influenced by this style of painting. The nuances of light colors emerging over other contrasting visuals of landscapes depict the subtleties of light changing during the day.

Why art reproductions are popular

Over the years art reproductions of works by popular artists are being sought after. With many of the original masterpieces in museums, art galleries and collectors around the globe, individuals are getting the original works reproduced by artists that are trying to establish themselves. Copy artists all over the world are in demand as individuals prefer to adorn replicas of masterpieces by famous artists. Being less expensive and easily available, these reproductions are immaculate and detailed. Hand painted landscapes and portraits by famous artists are replicated a lot due to their demand.

Several art lovers are getting oil painting reproductions of works by famous artists. The works of famous artists are being recreated on canvas by budding artists all over the world. From restaurants, offices, hotels, estate developers, fashion houses to art lovers, the demand for reproductions of classics is always exceedingly high. There are several art studios and galleries all over the world that are hiring upcoming artists to intricately hand paint and recreate impressions of the original on canvas. Paintings are made in accordance with client specifications. The amount clients are willing to spend on reproducing originals of famous artists is unimaginable.

Furnishing office walls with paintings complements the décor in an office. Individuals are implementing various forms of office art at their workplace as it blends with the interiors. Several landscape paintings are framed on office walls as they have a calming effect on the mind. The tone and warmth of colors in a painting have the ability to soothe a mind in turmoil. Paintings framed in offices ensure that stress levels in individuals are reduced. Looking at bright color composition of paintings framed on office walls eases the mind and helps individuals calm down. A few minutes of admiring the color scheme in a painting has a mind altering effect which changes an individual’s perspective and helps deal with difficult situations better.

Places you can purchase art reproductions

With the demand for art reproductions of works by famous artists rising, art sellers are making huge profits. Digital imagery of portraits and landscapes of famous painters of yesteryears are in huge demand as they are affordable and easily available. Individuals are on the lookout for reproductions that are hand painted by artists but are not aware of where to find them. An easy way to source hand painted reproductions is to contact art galleries and exhibition halls that exhibit paintings of upcoming artists. You can approach the agents of these artists and discuss your requirements with them. The internet is also a good place to get information on artists that offer to reproduce works of famous artists on canvas.

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