Let us remain firm in our faith

Hope and faith let us use them well

Let us remain firm in our faith
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God creates, saves and guides us. Our faith in Him is the beginning of wisdom. To enter His family we have to live up to His precepts which may mean changing some of our current values to align with those of God.

The Spirit of God gives us a diverse array of gifts. We receive these gifts through our baptism in the Spirit of Christ. With these gifts we are to form community and share with each other, being of service to each other. Whether we are poor or rich, we all have been given gifts that can impact each other. Being committed to Christ means that the Spirit of God is awake and alive within us. The Spirit gives us the grace of God, the power, which heals our distorted disposition, giving us all the strength and wisdom to live in belief.

We become so strong, that our lives resonate the truth of God in our expressions of love, blossoming the beauty of the Kingdom of God.

God saves us through His Son Jesus Christ. This is His ultimate expression of love. A love which if we accept helps us to escape the darkness of our human world and embrace the light of our Spiritual world, the light of Christ. We are better able to serve God when we are not burden by our humanness. We have to stretch forth our hand to God and let Him take it so He can lead us on the way to go. From the moment of birth our lives are to be a production leading to the Kingdom of God. We must not live our life on the supposedly happening of chance. Be deliberate in our actions. Be deliberate in our journey as children disciples, ministers of God. Allow God’s Spirit to rest upon us. He made no mistake in appointing us to bring His Good News to those who have not heard it. We must work for justice; heal not just the physical but the emotional, mental, psychological and spiritual aspects of one another. We may not have the professional degree to do so or the professional licences. But by living out our Christian lives and duties we definitely will touch one or more aspects of a needy person. We must not oppress one another or lead others to depression, and more importantly be always ready to share the Word of God.

Do not let the temptations of this world deters us from our duties as God’s messengers. Be like Jesus. Rebuke the devil and all His workers. Look to the cross and stay strong in our faith.

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Time and again we may doubt our purpose and our belief. But it is through hardship we recognize the reason for our belief. So let us not lose hope but nurture it so it can grow and make us strong.




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