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Faith is not just words but actions as well

Faith comes from God

Faith is not just words but actions as well
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With faith we are able to witness a better view of reality. We are able to distinguish what comes from our Heavenly Father and lasts forever, and what is of human making and desires and leads to death. Faith brings us into a life of renewal where we will find it impossible to commit sin. We abound in love and forgiveness in faith and experience less and less struggle.

When we allow faith to seep into our lives we begin to live in wisdom and understanding. We are blind to misinformation and misgivings. Instead we are able to make responsible decision with the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the teachings of the Gospels. Living in faith means living in love and love comes from God for He Himself is love. With faith we inherit this love as children of God and we are promised life eternal. We accept faith in Christ by accepting baptism.

This action of surrender is a sign of our commitment to be bounded to the mystery of God through Christ. It is not an easy journey, but Christ himself shows us that it can be done and that those whose purpose is to knock us over will be brought to justice by God Himself. Just as Jesus did, we must also do. Even in his persecution he remained firm and steadfast in the will of his father, and so should we.

Jesus lived a prayerful life, one that was quite disciplined. We to should develop a disciplined prayer life. Yes, beginning is difficult but once we make that initial step and commitment, by seeking God’s grace, we will persevere n such a life. Obstacles will abound but with faith they will never keep us down. Faith requires actions to be meaningful and to be a witness of God’s saving grace. It is never meant to be just words. All those who live without God are the ones who suffer and die alone. With God we become free and He walks with us on the road of wisdom. God communicates with us all through our lives and He only wants for us to be united with Him in love and happiness. We are all made in His Spirit and we are an important part of His plan of eternal life. God gave each of us our own unique characteristics.

The Bible teaches that the earth belongs to God and whoever occupies it is only its administrator. In daily life we must be instruments of the grace of God by being people who promote truth, encourage love and establish peaceful relationships. The Tree of Life in the Genesis story of creation is the Tree of Eternal Life. Eternal Life becomes ever more distant when we sin. One such sin is idolatry. Idolatry is often called adultery or prostitution. As Christians we belong God as a wife to her husband. We are the bride and Christ the Bridegroom. Therefore, to be unfaithful in our relationship with God is to prostitute oneself. When we evil we begin to experience death. When we sow for the benefit of our own flesh we reap corruption and death from the flesh. When we are dead to sin we no longer respond to sin. Disowning sin day by day leads us to achieve freedom and a better life.

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So old keep faith on you you will be successful one day


Thank you for the kind words. Each day is a new day to make a step in the right direction and on the right path. I seek guidance and listen to wholesome advice as these are important in my development as well.


Faith is the real power


Faith is one half of the equation. Faith and actions go together. Therefore, we must ensure that both faith and our actions correlate, that they are saying the same thing and mean the same thing.


Faith without actions is dead. Good actions can come out naturally from us as a result of God's grace but we must take the first step to absolutely surrender our lives to him. I read a great reflection from this article. Thanks for sharing.


It is my pleasure to share and thank you for stopping by and reading. We have to make that first step to ask and respond to God's grace. Our actions are necessary for salvation. Therefore, we have to be wise in choosing actions that are good.