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Living as responsible persons in the sight of God

God commands us to be responsible

Living as responsible persons in the sight of God
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God created everything and as such everything belongs to Him, represents Him and speaks of Him. God created everything good, that is, without evil. By being good we let go and inherit all that is evil and violent that wants to overtake us. Being good purifies our hearts and souls and enlightens our motives to Christian living and practices in the attitude of Christ.

Embodying the goodness of Christ frees us from corruption and its weight. Goodness allows God’s vision to shine and blind all evil that seeks to unleash its effects on the world. Being good allows us to be positive and make positive gestures, to be responsible especially in the enjoyment of the flesh because such actions become the testimony of our conversion in Christ. Jesus came as God’s ultimate gift of love to us. His coming revealed the mystery that is God Himself and the one through whom our faith is sealed. By accepting the salvation that Jesus provides rids us of all the dead weight that is hampering us and preventing us from being close to God.

By believing in Jesus we are saved. The devil would not be able to overpower us and he would not have access to our lives and souls. Being followers of Jesus teaches us the ways of kindness and content. We won’t fall prey to false promises or teachings but recognize those who work for the Kingdom of God. As Christ’s followers we are not destroyers but instead builders helping to convert souls and lives for the Kingdom of God. Jesus leads by example and as disciples we are to follow and imitate his examples. Jesus cared for everyone: the rich, poor, sick, dying, tax collectors, prostitutes, and many others. We are to care for them too, not just in words but in actions also. By putting our words into actions we participate in spreading the Gospel; the good news of Jesus.

Despite our ungratefulness and sins, God saved us through His Son Jesus because He loves us and wants us to be reunited with Him. We can and should never be totally independent for we need to depend on God. This way we will be better able to serve Him and be better administrators of the earth. To serve Him, we must first listen to Him and surrender to do His will in our daily lives. Everyday we are to be God’s instruments of love and peace and through His grace we are to promote truth, encourage loving relationships and establish peace among each other.

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It is good thing you may think and do in yoitr lifre so grow in your life


I try to be the best person I can be each day. Some days temptations and trials abound and other days is so easy. Nevertheless, each day is one to be thankful and to learn and to grow.


The reason why we need to become good stewards, having the responsibility to take care what has been entrusted to us by God. Oikonomeia is the Greek term for this- As I can remember. Thanks for the wonderful article.


You are most welcome. We are to be stewards, administrators of what has been given to us. Responsibility is not easy but it is something we must do and do it to the best of our ability.