Kiss of Christ vs Kiss of Judas

Faithfulness vs Betrayal

Kiss of Christ vs Kiss of Judas
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Bible has mentioned the kiss of Judas, however, today I am going to write about the Kiss of Christ (Grace, Mercy and Peace). It is not based on any religious aspects, though explains unconditional love of God in brief. Why did Judas kiss Jesus and why does Christ kiss us today? Know how amazing Grace works in our life in the form of his faithfulness.

Kiss of Judas

Judas was a disciple of Jesus and they were friends as well. In our society, we have so many friends, however, at the time of need, they all turn their faces or betray. Many claim to be very good friends until the time comes. When the 'time of kiss' comes, they show their real heart that betrays.

I have gone through the 'betryal kiss' quite often and even my soul has always ditched me with a kiss. Telling me that 'I love you' and they never meant it! Thousands of friends came in the form of Judas, kissed me and poisoned me like the bite of a poisonous snake. It was so painful.

The society claims to be faithful until the time comes. They give the most awaited 'kiss of Judas'!

The hurt is intolerable. The flesh desires greed and conditional love. The soul has no peace and keeps attacking. The world is full of betrayals and betrayals in that too. Nothing is true. Everything is fake until Christ comes!

Kiss of Christ

I did not take Christ from the Bible. I took him from 'within'. I took him from the depth of my heart. I received him unconditionally and spiritually, void of any religion. I got him for free! I got the Kiss of Christ recently. I felt it clearly on my cheeks and I kept wondering about the amazing grace of God.

Is Christ real? Did he kiss me truely? How do I interpret the Kiss of Christ? Christ is faithful and unconditional. His Kiss means 'Grace, Mercy and Peace'. His Kiss is Pure Grace! Christ has no deceit. So, 'Kiss of Christ' is the sign of goodness only. His goodness is that he never leaves nor forsakes us.

There is nothing untrue in him. His word has no deceit like that found in the world. The truth and the promise that he has for us in his kiss is true. His love is unfailing. It is not about being a Christian. It is all about being a true lover. Christ is the true lover! True love never fails. So, when Christ kisses you, know that it is God's Grace, Mercy and Peace on you.

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Thanks for this comparison it made sense to me. That is why we need to avoid stupid and senseless discussions, since such are the cause of misunderstanding. This way we distinguish between Judas and Jesus.


0lease don't complain like this I hate this kind of thingsplz I like you but not this blog


Our sins are all like the kiss of Judas but this is totally different from the kiss of Christ. It comes as a grace when we completely surrender our lives to him alone. Thank you for sharing.


very amazing to read good work keep going.👍👍