The roar of a Mother

Mothers are super heroes without capes.

The roar of a Mother
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It's a story of a small town girl and how she struggles to adapt to the capital of the country for her higher studies. But her struggle eases and her strength gets stronger when she has her mother beside her. Mothers are truly our guarding angles but when it comes to protecting their children they are no less than a lioness to her cubs.

In the early days- when getting a private job was the talk of the town, when girl education was turned to deaf ears and when raising children rightly was the prime job of a lady- it was then when a lady decided to break the odds-get married at 29, have children at 31 and all this because of being double masters in Psychology and social sciences. She had everything rightly fixed in her head and all that she did was break the patriarchy system in her family. And with all this sounding elated, you might be thinking who am I talking about? Well, that’s my Mother- the CEO of the house. Yes, that’s the most appropriate title out of the many I gave her like the Judge Mom (keeping in mind my daily court hearings), Mrs. Fix It for fixing almost everything from tangible to intangible, a wardrobe stylist (this may consists of changing her children’s clothes five times a day basis her mood and it’s swings) and apparently a Teacher because she’s indeed a firmer one in a Kendriya Vidyalaya. I stepped out of my home city Kanpur in 2007 for taking up college in Delhi and since then my fondness for my mother has been growing, also because all this while when I grew up with her I never realized how she always picked me up together and all restful.

Like all mothers, she’s one fierce lioness when it comes to her cubs.

I still recall this incident of my second week in college when I stepped into the library already fearing the sight of my seniors and bumped into a bunch of seniors with crooked faces, cunning smiles and arrogance in the eyes- yes that’s how I described my seniors in the early days of my college. One out of them asked me to sing a song loudly in front of their goon. I could feel my heart pumping in my mouth, with much courage and hatred too, I gathered myself and started singing a pop song of Enrique- my heartthrob that time. While I was setting the mood right, there came a shrilling voice piercing my ear drums and cursing me for singing an English song in spite being an Indian- if that logic stands logical anyway. In order to quickly throw myself out of the situation I sang a Hindi song (never ask which) and made my way out of that plight. Entire day was spent in utmost grief and abomination. Reaching back to my hostel room I forced my face inside the pillow and cried for hours. I was not even done when my Mom, the CEO of the house, called and I collapsed listening to her voice. She took the blame on her for putting me through this situation.

Next day was a life changer. To my horror that bunch of monsters were at the dean’s office and I could literally feel my feet trembling on the ground.  But amongst all this, the aura of the place wasn’t anything strange to me rather it was a warm one with a strong fragrance of my Mom’s perfume. I peeped inside the Dean’s office and saw a woman with a flaring persona, hair tied in a neat bun, wearing nine yards silk saree with fire in her eyes. Yes the lioness was here. She stood two places ahead of me and before I could even gasp, one of the boys from that goon gang came forward and said sorry to me. I couldn’t believe but sigh. I wanted to hug my mom but that happens only in the movies, right?

She had a train to catch the very same day as she had her regular school job to attend. Just before she was about to step into the train, she looked at me and said ‘If the trouble seems to thicken around you, when someone tries to mock you down, just remember life is tough and so are you.’ She patted my back, of course like any mother nagged about my eating habits and boarded the train. I have always lived by these words since then. Mothers walk with the universe on their shoulders and make it look like a pair of wings. This is for all the mothers for making it every day with so much of comfort on their face and a vision to swear by.

Someone rightly said ‘Not all superheroes wear capes’ some even come in a saree. 

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Moms are indeed superheroes without a cape. Now I am a mom myself and my strength knows no bounds when it comes to my daughters


Thanks Arunima :)


Very good article. When I was in school my mom came to my rescue a couple of times and she came into the school with fire in her eyes and I have done the same for my son. Mothers can be very protective of their children and rightfully so.


Thanks abhi_bangal!


You're absolutely right. Every mother is a superhero and that too in real life. The services our mothers offer us right from the time we are born to looking after so many things for us.... we can never repay!