Sid the Science Kid: A Show Every Child Must See

A Show Every Kid Must See

Sid the Science Kid: A Show Every Child Must See
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Don't ask your kids to adjust Teach them to innovate They might fail But, who knows if they succeed

Sid the Science Kid, not  a well-known cartoon show, is my personal favourite. The beauty of the show lies in its concept. Unlike other cartoon shows such as Doremon and Tom and Jerry. This shows really work on teaching kids to think and thus their abiltiy to question things. 

The Design of the Show 

The design of the show is that Sid, the main character of the cartoon show, thinks about one question on day to day basis. Unlike other kids sid is excited to go to school and learn new things. 

An ordinary day in Sid's life starts with a question. For instance, he might ask what is digestion? Then he happily moves around the home for having a great breakfast time. At the breakfast table, he asks his parents about the process of digestion.

This is followed by a musical ride with his mother wherein he enjoy a great set of music while heading towards his school. After reaching to the school, he asks his friends about the same question which he zeroed on for the day. In the process, he gets a list of amusing answers. After that, he heads towards his class wherein his teacher tell him about the porcess of digestion. He gets a complete detail of the process. 

What your kid can learn from the show? 

Your kids can simply learn to think 

Teaching your kids the art of thinking and being curious to learn

It is necessary to have the what, why and when from your child’s mouth

Why it rains?

Where the water really comes?

Do God exists?

Why we do what we do?

Do teachers have home?

List of such amusing and silly questions can be of a great help.

Impart Learning to your Kids

A clear example of this I saw on my visit to Garden of Five senses. It was a flower exhibition wherein  young creative minds exhibited their talents. The artistic pieces spoke of the immense talent and creativity of the young minds. At this place, I saw a mother who was teaching a girl about the Bonzai plant. She showed her daughter the rings tied around the plant mainly to refrain the plant from growing.

This simple scene taught me that it is so important to prosper your kids thinking and take them  to such places and let them open their box of questions.

Gifting this kind of mindset is more worthwhile than gifting an Ipad or any other digital device to your kids. So, what you are waiting for. Hold the little fingers of your child and take them to discover the world. Give them the pleasures that comes through learning.

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