Sikkim Scouts - The Youngest Regiment of Indian Army

The young soldiers – who are always ready to fight

Sikkim Scouts - The Youngest Regiment of Indian Army
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Sikkim Scouts is the youngest regiment in Indian Army. The soldiers of this regiment are very much dedicated yet they have the abilities for the mountain warfare actually.

We all are aware about the fact, that – the Indian Army is the third largest army of the entire planet of earth (after Red Army and Chinese Army). It is also true that - Indian Army is a mingle; and one of its regiment - Sikkim Scouts is its one of the ripples, Indian Army is a cornucopia, Sikkim Scouts is one of the lustrous screwed gems.

If you have the utmost volition to assert an expedite virtual potential sentence that can assess, appraise or summarize the dire yet pliant, smug whetted fellas of this particular  of Indian Army, then you don’t feel any type of conflict, sasin or dilemma yet never nullify yourself to rebuke ‘In our bribe they are the brisk, laborious extant embassies who persist to blaze the inherent occult faculty to implement the insidious dreams of leaping to crib, fetch, bask the crown of the sublime conquest from any asymmetric apex in any turmoil, turbulence or tempest always.’

They have the kink yet accent to smudge themselves into the warfare, hostilities, invade their enemies, their rivals, lick them, freak with them, fret them, and make them volitate - no one can nullify this fact.

Victory collabs these people. Conquests have no disdain or rage on them yet have tenderness and severe husky discriminated amity on these naive daredevils actually.

It was the year of 1975, when our beloved motherland India availed a new state again. The name of the state was – Sikkim.

Just after 38 of years, at the year of 2013, Sikkim Scouts (the symbol of fraternity for us yet the icon of shipwreck for the enemies) was formed to make us proud. It is the youngest regiment of our very own Indian Army actually. It is based on Sikkim.

It is embellished, decorated with the recruited inhabitants of the very state of Sikkim.

The regiment Sikkim Scouts was raised on March 2013 yet the regiment was not functional or operational at that time. The hasty young guys of the youngest regiment of our country - Sikkim Scouts took adequate, proper training and became fully prepared for the hostilities at the year of 2015.

The members (the omen of death for the enemies as a matter of fact) of this regiment are the children of the mountains of Sikkim (because, the each and every member of the regiment called Sikkim Scouts, is taken from the local population merely) , that’s why they are very much familiar with the alpine locus entirely. They know how to live here, how to survive here. How to battle from here. How to protect the borders, the country people as well. Hence they have dedicated themselves for the mountain hostilities yet border defense actually.

The soldiers of this regiment are very young. The regiment itself is very young actually. That’s why this regiment is not so decorated yet. But each and every soldier of Sikkim Scouts, is valiant and absolutely dedicated to their vocation – to our motherland beloved India rather.

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