To be a grace driven Christian

Know thyself by the grace of God

To be a grace driven Christian
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As Christians we are to entrust ourselves to Christ. Through Christ we know the Father and love Him more and more. We feel and see God’s love each day and all around us.

As Christians we obey the commandments that were given to Moses on Mount Sinai and also the beatitudes that Christ gave in his Sermon on the Mount. We become blessed as we embody the beatitudes. By being peacemakers, meek and humble, poor and pure, we draw closer and closer to the Kingdom of God. We are not perfect. Nevertheless, Jesus tells us to seek perfection in God and we will be forgiven. Each and every day God pours out His blessing on us.

Therefore, we should never be out of words to say “Thank you” to God.

Like Abraham, the prophets and more importantly the Mother of Jesus, Mary, we should say “Yes” to God and mean it. Though we may consider ourselves unworthy, by submitting to Him, He makes us worthy. He purifies us and makes us anew for His mission. God should be the “Chief Executive Officer (CEO)” of our lives. Why not let Him lead us into new horizons? What are we afraid of? Time and again in the Scriptures we are told “Be Not Afraid”, “Do Not Be Afraid.” So why don’t we listen and obey? Let us make a pledge today to take serious steps in becoming closer and building our relationship with God. Let us not be afraid to love Him and to express our love for Him. Let us do everything with the love God has given to us.

Let us start on the path to happiness by knowing who we are. Knowing our dignity and our real worth and who or what motivates us. Let us make our decisions by choosing wisely. Let us live for today by focusing on the present, not yesterday or tomorrow. Let us always be grateful and share the love of Christ by helping someone else find happiness. Let us set priorities and get rid of less valuable desires. Let us enjoy what we do and not be lazy.

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A religion which shows no concern for orphans and widows is a false religion.


God is all-powerful but his authentic greatness is his infinite capacity to love, to increase the flame of his love from his own fire. God's characteristic is to be mercifully forgiving.


All must be just, loyal and respectful of others, even when they have faults. We should struggle to bring about change and defend our rights; but we must lead these struggles and live our commitments according to the Spirit of Christ.


To recognize sin is to enter into truth. A broken spirit will be the proof of our love. The cry to God to give us a pure heart will be the expression of our faith.