Why Reception areas in Clinics, Offices and Hospitals have Fish aquariums

Why Fish Aquariums are getting Popular in Sit Out Ares of Clinics, Offices, and Hospitals

Why Reception areas in Clinics, Offices and Hospitals have Fish aquariums
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Many reception areas or sit out areas incorporate fish aquarium installations as design elements. Is there more to aquariums than being mere décor elements? The article highlights the actual reasons why aquariums are getting popular in reception areas of clinics, offices and hospitals.

Many clinics and hospitals are installing aquariums at sit out areas and reception areas. An aquarium does a lot more than just add splendor to décor. Watching fish in an aquarium helps calm nerves and has a therapeutic effect on the mind. And, that’s the reason why many hospitals use fish aquariums as design element in décor. When persons wait for their turn to undergo a test or meeting with the Doctor it can be unnerving. It is a known fact that anxiety and stress levels rise when individuals visit a doctor for consultation or in regard with a complication.

Aquariums have the ability to soothe and calm the nerves which in turn help reduce stress levels.       

Butterflies in the stomach seem to disappear when you watch fish in an aquarium. Aquarium lighting plays a pivotal role in therapy. A number of medical institutes around the world are using aquarium therapy for patients. Many doctors are using aquarium therapy in skill development drills to get Alzheimer’s patients cope with motor functions. Aquarium therapy is also being used by doctors to help children and adults with ADHD. The therapeutic nature of fish aquariums makes them exceedingly popular also in homes. In a number of homes aquariums bring about a calm ambiance accompanied with accent lighting. 

Also, a number of organizations in the corporate setup are installing aquariums in their lobbies or sit out areas in a bid to ensure stress levels of employees are reduced. Aquarium therapy is playing a significant role in motivation and confidence building of employees at the workplace. Research reveals that watching fish in an aquarium before and after a stressful meeting helps individuals calm and relax quickly and focus and concentrate better.

Aquarium therapy is also implemented by psychologists and psychiatrists to help psychiatric patients deal with behavioral problems and calm the speed of thought. Aquarium therapy is going to be the next big thing of the future. Aquariums have the ability to reduce stress and calm nerves by creating an ambient environment. Considering how things unfold in this fast-paced world, it’s least surprising why people are incorporating fish tanks and aquariums at home. Watching fish in an aquarium can bring about a sense of peace, calm and tranquility.

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I find myself watching the fish in my doctors office and feeling relaxed afterward. It can be a very boring wait and having the fish to watch is soothing and calming. Many of these places have the tanks for this very reason, I asked my doctor about it ans he said he wife will not him have them at home. Enjoy your fish doc...


Interesting article indeed. I also have seen aquariums in many hospitals.


I used to have an aquarium full of fish as my screensaver. It is calming and I love to look at the fish moving in the aquarium. It does make me feel less stressed out.