10 Smallest Countries in the World

List of 10 Smallest Countries in the World by Area

10 Smallest Countries in the World
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There are total of 195 Independent countries in the World. From there, I have highlighted 10 smallest countries in the World by their size and area covered. Have a look.

Every country has its own unique characteristics. There are several countries in the World which are smaller than a city, but these small countries have taken place in a world history. Even, the living standards of these small countries are quite energetic. Today we will know about the 10 smallest ten countries in the World, which may be difficult to find on the map, but they are bright in their own glory by their own culture, history and abundance.

Smallest Countries in the World

1. Vatican City:

The world's smallest country is Vatican City. It is located in Rome, the capital of Italy.

The Pope is the leader of this country. It works as the world headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church. The country is fully located inside Rome. The area of the country is 0.44 square kilometers. The population is about 1 thousand.

Although recognized as an independent country, Vatican's people do not want to compare the Vatican City with the other ruling state systems. For this reason, there is no army in this country even though Italy's 110 troops have fully secured the Vatican City. The Pope is called the 'Serimonial Chief' of Vatican. The constitution system of this country is completely different.  

The largest church in the world 'St. Peter's Basilica' is located in this country, and the famous Italian painter Michael Angelo's 'Pieta' and 'David' are kept in that church.

Although the country gained independence in 1929, it still could not become a UN member. Vatican City is one of the World's most sacred places. For this, in 1984 UN declared this country as 'World Historical Site'.

2. Monaco:

It is the second smallest country in the World after Vatican City. The area of this country is 2.02 square kilometers. The population of this country is about 38,400. France borders Monaco on three sides while the other side touches Mediterranean Sea. Monaco is also located near Italy, although it has no direct border with it. The official language of Monaco is French. The famous Monte Carlo casino is located in Monaco. The world's wealthy people have massive interest around this casino because this casino is considered to be the world's safest casino. But interestingly, residents of Monaco do not have permission to enter this casino.

Monaco is one of the richest countries in the world. The main attraction of the country is taxation. Monaco is a tax free country. The most impressive thing about this country is that while it is full of wealth, it is very strong in terms of security. No crime is said to be heard of. Monaco is so safe. The main reason is that the whole country is surrounded by cameras.

3. Nauru:

Nauru is an island country which is located in Micronesia, a subregion of Oceania, in the Central Pacific ocean. It lies North-West of Tuvalu, North of the Solomon Islands, North-East of Papua New Guinea, South - East of the Federated States of Micronesia and south of the Marshall Islands. It is the third smallest state by area in the World, behind only Vatican City and Monaco. The area of the country is 21 square kilometers. It is also the world's third smallest island country. The population of this country is around 11,347. Phosphate is available abundantly in this country. Since 1907, the principal income of the economy has come from phosphate mineral extract. But now, the mineral phosphate is almost over and the unemployment rate for this reason is increasing day by day. The Nauru government has given jobs to only 10 percent of the people. The rest of the people of this country are almost unemployed. Although the country is small but has ranked in the top lists in different fields. The name of this country comes first in the world as the most obese people in the World.

4. Tuvalu:

The fourth smallest country in the world. It is located in the Pacific Ocean, about midway between Hawaii and Australia. It is situated in Oceania. The area of this country is only 26 square kilometers. Tuvalu is one of the lowest countries in the world. The highest peak is 4.5 meters above sea level. The size and location of the country hides from the eyes of other countries in the World. According to scientific research, due to global climate change the island may sink in the future. This country is 189th member of United Nations.

In 1978, Tuvalu gained independence. The population of this country is approximately 10640. A large part of the income from the business. Almost all the people of this country are economically very strong. This country is really sprucing and always in the top position of the list of tourist favorites.

5. San Marino:

San Marino is the third smallest country in Europe and fifth smallest in the world. The area of this country is only 61.2 square kilometers. This small country is surrounded by Italy. Peaceful country San Marino is the World's oldest sovereign state. In 301 AD a man named Marino and some people with him found this place. The population of this country is 33,285. This country has more cars than people. According to the GDP, this is among the richest countries in the world. The country's economic sector is mainly based on tourism, banking and textile. The famous mountain  'Monte Titano' fascinates the tourists. It is a single landlocked country.

6. Liechtenstein:

It is located between Austria and Switzerland. The area of this country is only 160 square kilometers. The only country in the whole world that is totally settled in the Alps. The population of the country is 37,340. Despite being small in size, it has the World's highest GDP. The unemployment rate is almost nothing - only 1.5 percent. Most of the people are Roman Catholic and this country has monarchy government. Liechtenstein is mainly German speaking country.

This is the mountainous country. Small towns have been built in the hills. There are lots of alpine trees here. This is the only double landlocked country in Europe.

7. Marshall Islands:

Marshall Islands is located in Pacific ocean, slightly West of the International Date Line. The Population of the country is 53,066. The area of the country is 181.43 square kilometers. This country has been victimized by American government for many times. From 1946 to 1958, the United States conducted nuclear tests 67 times on this island. Through the 'Compact Free Association' agreement in 1983, the Marshall Islands was recognized as a sovereign nation. There is no military or army force  in the constitution of Marshall islands, but there is an internal security system. This island is the World's best known place for transparent blue water and scuba diving. There arw 160 species of corals and 800 species of fish found here.

8. Saint Kitts and Nevis:

It is an island country in the West Indies. It is the smallest sovereign state in the Western Hemisphere, in both area and  population. The area of this country is only 261 square kilometers. Christopher Columbus first visited here in 1493. Europeans were the first to occupy this country. British and French ruled this country at different times and after a long time, the British established the colonies in this country in 1713 with the aim of creating an absolute domination.

Finally, in 1983, it became independent from the United States. Looking at the map, we can see St. Kitts and Nevis located in the corner of the Western Hemisphere. The country is recognized as the motherland of West Indies or West India. The population of the country is 54,821. They have their own production system or factory as a foundation of economy. Apart from this, most of the people are dependent on sea resources.

9. Maldives:

Maldives is a South Asian sovereign state, located in the Indian Ocean. It lies South West of Sri Lanka and India. It is the smallest island country by land area and population in Asia. The population of the country is 427,756. The area of the country is just 298 square kilometers. Maldives was established in the 5th century BC. The Portuguese, the Dutch and the British ruled Maldives in the sixteenth, seventeenth and nineteenth centuries respectively. Finally, in 1965, the country gained independence.

Maldives is the lowest country in the World. The highest height of the Maldives from the sea level is just 2.3 meters and the average height is 1.5 meters. Due to climate change, It is expected that the whole country could be completely wiped out under the sea. However, every year, thousands of tourists have come to the white sand beach of this wonderful country. Even, the per capita income of Maldives is maximum among SAARC countries.

10. Malta:

Malta is a Southern European island country. It is located in the Mediterranean Sea. It lies 80 km South of Italy, 284 km East of Tunisia, and 333 km  north of Libya. Malta is one of the World's smallest and most densely populated country.  The area of this country is 316 square kilometers. The population of the country is approximately 450,000. The historic and cultural significance of the country is massive. The Hypogeum is located in Paola City, which is a 5,000 years old and biggest church of Malta. There are also seven prehistoric temples. In 1964, Malta gained independence from the United Kingdom. Currently, the tourism industry is the main source of income. Due to its warm weather, numerous entertainment spots, great architecture and UNESCO's World heritage, the country is very attractive to tourists.

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