Embrace the journey of love

The journey of love is ours to take

Embrace the journey of love
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Jesus Christ is our great example of love. His ministerial life began at his baptism. Right afterwards he was led to the desert to be tempted. The devil tried to win him over but Jesus was too strong for him and rejected all temptations.

Jesus’ first miracle was at a feast. Though he did not plan on it, his mother’s prompting made him see reason and launched his miraculous endeavours. His whole life was one of teaching. He taught us that there is a time for everything: there’s a time to feast, and a time to fast.

Jesus’ ministry implores us to get to know him so we can know his Father who is also our Father. Also knowing him helps us to know ourselves and know what our purpose and destiny is to be. When we know who we are, we will know how to act.

Jesus also warned us that if we become his disciples the journey would not to be easy. We will have to take the narrow road, we will experience persecution, we will lose friends and family and some of us will die. The way of Jesus is costly but worthwhile as our reward is laid out for us in heaven. There are many examples in biblical history where being a disciple of Jesus yield heavenly reward. Beginning with the Father of faith himself, Abraham, Daniel the prophet, Ezekiel the prophet, the story of Ruth and Naomi, Esther, Paul who once was Saul and Mary the mother of Jesus are just some examples that are presented in the Bible.

Jesus’ life ministry also proved to us that conflict is never good and never feels good. Conflict brings destruction, tearing what is good apart. When we leave an argument unresolved we are restless as it eats away at our minds, hearts and souls. When we work at getting over conflict we are working at reconciliation, creating unity and peace. By reconciling our differences, we imitate the beauty and mystery of God, drawing closer to Him and sharing and experiencing His love. Exposing God’s reconciling love is manifesting His graces to those around us. Embracing the love of God means showing respect for ourselves and others and helping each other attain the freedom that God wishes for each of us. Therefore, each day we should seek the help of our Sovereign God so we can use His influence to help others.

As the years go by there are more and more advances in technology. Yet, hunger is the major cause of death worldwide. Each day millions and millions of people die from hunger and still millions more lack access to sanitary water and sanitation on a whole. (For more information on access to water and sanitation in the developing world, check out www.water.org website). There are still places in the world without electricity. Majority of the poor of the world are children, many of whom die daily from the effects of poverty. As Christians, our duty is to attend to the poor as Jesus did. Remember in the story of the sheep and the goats, Jesus said he will ask “when I was hungry did, did you give me to eat? When I was thirsty, did you give me to drink?” Our answers to these questions determine whether we will be a sheep or a goat. Whether we are told to go to the right or to the left. Jesus warned us that whatever we do the least of those in society, we do it to him as well. Jesus hears the cry of the poor. Let us ask God to guide us in responding to their need.

All sins can be tabulated under the seven deadly sins. Some of us believe that we cannot be tempted because we are filled with the Holy Spirit. But this is a sin too, the sin of pride. We must never be so sure of ourselves that we think we are too good to take advice or correction. We must be teachable all our lives as well as life-long learners because each day we live and breathe is one of teaching and we are expected to learn from each day. We must take a step back from talking and enter a period of silence so we can listen. Everyone talks but only few of us really listen. We must seek the assistance of the Holy Spirit so he can teach us when to speak, when to listen and when to be content with silence. God is present each and every day in our lives. Let us pray for the grace to experience His presence. Let us open our hearts to Him so He can deliver us from our enemies and any danger that has been planned for us.

For God to move in our lives we have to allow the Holy Spirit to bend us. Once we are true believers, the light of Christ brings newness into our lives. We must seek therefore the gift of God that will stimulate our imagination to see the possibilities that God has created for us. There is plenty of assistance for us here on earth because God has provided for us all that we need. We are never off God’s mind, nor can we ever be banished from God’s maternal heart. We are all important in the eyes of God and we should treat each other with importance as well. Faith in the resurrection is powerful in helping us to see each other as God sees us. The resurrection promises us life after our earthly body fails. We need God in our lives as we will be irritable, miserable and depressed otherwise. Let us place our trust in Him. As He leads us, let us follow with reverence and love.

Our God is greater than any danger and stronger than any enemy. Let us ask the Holy Spirit to bring us wisdom, to live in us and give us courage. Jesus died for us. Let us show our appreciation by living for him. Let us allow him to fill us with everything we need and open our eyes to new understanding, to live each day fully, in constant hope and real joy.


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Those who fear Yahweh make fidelity and obedience to his word the basis of their decisions.


The wisdom of God is at work in world history.


Evil and misfortune come in many ways, but prayer always brings strength.


Each and every day is an opportunity to love. The Spirit of God helps us to do that, for God Himself is LOVE. With God's Spirit we are strengthened each and every day to give love, even if we do not receive it back.


God has come among us. His presence is a challenge to those who would like to be lords of the earth. There will be no lasting peace here below.


One mistake that a renewed Christian think is when one absolutely surrendered himself/herself, he/she already experiences much happiness in life. Not at all. There are at times that the love of God will be manifested toughly so we can totally understand and experience his son's sacrificial love for us. Your article is worth the read. Thanks for sharing.


Very few people are courageous enough to persevere in the love and knowledge of Christ. They become shaky when confronted with details that they themselves are struggling with. That is why it is imperative to being a continuous student of the Word of God.


Indeed, being a Christian does not exclude us from temptations and trials. Instead it strengthens us to deal with these obstacles and more. Thanks for reading as always.