God’s love is food for our soul

Faith and prayer brings forgiveness

God’s love is food for our soul
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Our God is all powerful and He has an infinite capacity to love rooted in His authentic greatness. His love is inflamed by His own fire and His characteristic is mercifully forgiving.

Let us tell God how sorry we are for offending Him and those around us. Let us beg Him to show us the way out of the drench we are in. Let us ask Him to open the hearts of those who we hurt so they may forgive us and never stop loving us. Let us never stop loving them. Let us be filled with love, mercy and compassion as we become healed by God’s grace. Let us shatter the urge to be who we are not and to not live above our means.

Let us ask for the courage to turn to God when we need to and not be deceiving. Let us trust in God and love Him. Let us not turn from Him but ask His forgiveness and repent.

Though we trod the path of evil we still can and must turn from such paths. Tell God how sorry we are for neglecting His presence and being hypocrites and pretenders. Let us not abandon God’s path for He alone can satisfy our deepest desires. We are His servants and His instruments and His works are our duty. We need His forgiveness for we are nothing without it. So let us seek it.

Some people are fond of great ceremonies, others of their own devotions and prayers and still others, of doing generous and philanthropic works. When doing this, we may be covering up the injustice we do every day.

Let us ask the Lord to hear our prayer and to open our ears so we will listen to His words. Let us ask Him not to hold our scarlet actions and crimson red stain life against us. Let us ask Him to cleanse us, purify us and make us white as snow. Let us ask Him to accept our love, to be by our side, inspire us and draw us closer to Him.

Everything is possible, including living according to the Gospel in an environment of materialism. We as a people are ungrateful by nature. We usually manoeuvre events so that serving God does not deprive us of time nor money. Many of us only think about God when we want to complain to Him. Yet, the love of God is stronger than our lack of gratitude.

Let us ask the Lord to not remember our sins. Let us tell Him that we are sorry for offending Him. Let us ask Him for help to be rid of our transgressions and to lead us away from all that hampers and ruins us. Let us turn to Him so He can blot out all the darkness that overshadows us and instead put His light within us.

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It is possible to live according to the gospel in this materialistic environment..of course that is possible only for people who always struggle to lead a balance between materialistic and soulful life..for that let's all be aware of the materialistic addiction among us


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