God’s salvation gives us responsibility

Living as responsible people of God

God’s salvation gives us responsibility
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All that is on earth comes from God and belongs to Him and therefore should speak and represent Him. When we are connected to Him, little by little we neglect and discard evil deeds and refused to be violent.

Being one with God purifies our motives and cleanses our hearts and we develop a serious attitude to live our Christian duty as agents of God’s plan.

Corruption will always be present in our world. But as Christians we should desist from engaging in such mischievous deeds. When corruption is allowed to prevail the vision of God is distorted and slowly fades away. If we participate in evil doings we should recognize this early and make the necessary steps to avert from such ways. Evil affects the whole of society disrupting the harmony and turning people against each other.

Nevertheless Jesus Christ came to show how to love and how love can prevail. Our words and our deeds must be saying the same thing.

Just as Jesus lived his life, so must we imitate it as disciples of faith. Cast our burdens onto him so we can rid ourselves of all that weighs us down, preventing us from being believers. As believers we believe in the gift of salvation, that all can be saved by the glory of God.

The devil is everywhere for he is always looking for the opportune time to attack us when we are most vulnerable. That is why our whole lives should be under the protection of Almighty God for He is our shield and our refuge. We love to say “the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak”, but with God as our guide we overcome our weaknesses and stand firm in the rock that is Jesus Christ. The devil is never at rest and neither is God. The devil notices us and so does God. The devil brings sorrow, God brings hope. The devil brings sadness, God brings joy. The devil brings sickness; God brings healing, care and love. The devil seeks to separate and destroy, God seeks to bring together and build.

Living in God’s salvation means living for eternity. Our salvation makes us dependent on God as it is He who grants us this gift. Serving God brings us joy as we bring joy to others making the whole a better place, one moment at a time. Serving God takes the form of praising Him, listening to His words and doing His will in our daily lives. This is what our lives should be each and every day, instruments of God’s grace promoting truth, encouraging love and establishing peace.

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When we seek security in places and people other than in God and His Word we lesson our trust in Him and isolate ourselves from Him.


Accepting our responsibility in the service for God is also our love for him. For if we do not feel love in our own responsibility, then maybe there's something wrong within us. Thank you for this article which served as a reminder for me to love and serve God often.


The most important of all commandments is the commandment to love. We must love God, love ourselves and love our neighbours. This is the order: God-Self-Neighbour. Once we embody the love of God we can love ourselves, flaws and all. And once we love ourselves we have the know-how to love our neighbours.


Yes indeed, salvation gives us responsibility as, back in Biblical times and in a devout Jewish family, the children obeyed their parents and honored them with their service to them. And, you have a great point here when you wrote, "Serving God takes the form of praising Him, listening to His words and doing His will in our daily lives."


Our very existing as being made in the image of God is to know, love and serve Him. When we have achieved these we will be able to enjoy the happiness which He provides for us both in this world and eventually the next.