Guard Your Pearls!

Sharing Problems Can Destroy Blessings

Guard Your Pearls!
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While the usual teaching on Matthew 7:6 is that one should not share sacred occurrences with others that might not be able to understand what we are saying, I feel led in this message to present to you a deeper meaning that will guard your spiritual growth, and perhaps even your salvation, if you are truly saved in Christ.

The words pearl and pearls occur nine times in the Holy Bible, the majority of which mainly speak of them as jewels or used for jewelry. The Gospel of Matthew, which emphasizes the kingship of Christ, is the only Gospel to mention pearls, doing so twice, once in Matthew 7:6, and later in 13:45-46 where we read of the Pearl of Great Price.

For this message we shall concentrate upon the pearl. Pearls are formed in certain shellfish by one of two things that the shellfish probably does not want -- either an irritant (i.e., grain of sand, small piece of metal) or parasite (a much smaller creature that feeds off of the shellfish) lodging between the shell of the shell fish and its mantle. Because of this, the mantle secretes nacre (mother of pearl) upon the irritant or parasite and over the course of time a pearl develops.

Jesus is recorded saying in Matthew 7:6, “Do not give what is holy to the dogs; nor cast your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you in pieces.” Keeping in mind that irritants and parasites cause pearls to form we get a deeper insight into Matthew 7:6 as follows.

I. The Treasure 6b

God permits irritants and parasites in our lives so that we may develop godliness and have eternal rewards if we stay true to Christ. When God does not remove a problem in what we think is a short time, then we are to consider that it is there for a special reason known to God and will remain there until it produces what He wants it to produce.

These situations are actually holy. We are to look at them as God looks at them -- our pearls -- although they are not fully developed.

II. The Trust  6a

(do not give to dogs or cast before swine)

Many of us have a tendency to talk to others about our problems whether they be irritants or human parasites. What I was sensing from God when I wrote this sermon was the fact that we need always to talk to Christ about our irritants and parasites. We must not talk to the unsaved or the spiritually weak about our problems.

We must also remember that having a conversation with God is to be in two directions. We are to speak with Him indeed, but we are also to listen to Him. If we have been reading and studying the Holy Bible like we should, much of His speaking to us will be the Holy Spirit calling to our remembrance what the Holy Scriptures have said. Also, we should, by His grace, develop a walk with God through Christ whereby we will receive specific directives from Him.

Except for the outright fact we do not deserve it, it should not seem odd that God speaks with people. But we must be very careful to ascertain whether or not it is Him speaking. To help you with this,some time back God helped me to write “To Hear The Voice Of God”. The link for that article is listed below {1}.

If you must talk to another human about your problems speak with a true Christian who is grounded in the Word and sensitive to the Holy Spirit (and preferably one who is the same gender as you). However, always go to God through Christ first. Do not go to another human without God’s approval. Be very patient in hearing from God. Keep seeking His directives.

Otherwise, there is a high probability you will bring a developing pearl before a dog or swine. Yes, those terms sound harsh, but Christ did use those terms. And, if we think about it, though true Christians are saved by the grace of God, still, compared to God each of us is like a pig or a dog.

III. Trampling 6c

What God is trying to develop in you might be warped or destroyed by others. Your flesh and soul might prefer the counsel or pity you receive from the unsaved, the spiritually weak, and the imperfect. In turn, that will cause you to be less able to hear from God as to His direction in whatever you face.

Additionally, if you are a true Christian, your testimony as a disciple can be tarnished, for there are some unsaved people that are knowledgeable to the fact that you should never have brought your situation to them. In other words, there are some unsaved people that very well know a Christian needs to go to God through Christ and not depend upon people.

IV. Tearing 6d

You will be spiritually damaged because you chose not to walk by faith. Unbiblical advice could seep into your spirit. Attitudes from the unsaved and spiritually weak will become a part of you. Permit enough of such tearing and you might even fall from grace. You will not have the capability to receive and retain what grace God has for you in the time of need.


But if you obey there will be  . . .

V. Triumph   Revelation 21:21 (cf. Matthew 7:13-14)

Now, consider Revelation 21:21 where it speaks of the ultimate arrival of every true disciple: "And the twelve gates were twelve pearls; each one of the gates was a single pearl. And the street of the city was pure gold, like transparent glass." {2} With that, consider Matthew 7:13-14, "Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is broad that leads to destruction, and there are many who enter through it. 14 For the gate is small and the way is narrow that leads to life, and there are few who find it."

By God’s grace and faith in Him through Christ, troubles and parasitic people often help shape that narrow way. Like it did for me, it takes time for some of us to quit looking at troubles and annoying people as burdens and look at them as a means to God’s blessings. After many such occurrences I learned it was best just to "tell Jesus alone," and seek counseling only when, and where, directed by Him.

Have a problem? Know a person who is a pest or parasite? Enjoy the pearl making process in your life by nestling close to your Savior, the Lord Christ, if you are redeemed. If you have not surrendered to Christ, you can find no better friend, confidant, physician and counselor other than Christ. Give Him your life now, confessing your sins and need of Him, then fully trust in Him.


{1} The article, To Hear The Voice Of God, may be found at .

{2} Please also read Pearls And Gold at .

The audio recording of the message based on this outline is available by selecting its link at .

Also, the sequel to this message, God's Mother of Pearl, can be heard by selecting a link at . Do not let that title bother you. "Mother of pearl" is used here in the sense of nacre.

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