Madras Regiment of Indian Army

Reassess of the Madras Regiment of Indian Army

Madras Regiment of Indian Army
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Indian Army is very big and fat. It is embellished with Madras regiment as well, which has made our nation proud for several times indeed.

Indian Army, yes, it is our very own Indian Army, that is certainly not an extinct something, nobody can sue them as a group of pebbles yet it is a modality, which has a gush yet can be escalated definitely. That is why; it is embellished with a manifold of regiments, which have only one creed – that is – disperse the ray of valiancy  yet are formed in the different ledges of the history.  Among them, Madras Regiment is serving the nation from the very beginning.

Madras Regiment – There is no notable sung, swab, gala , carnal, mundane temptation or shed pit  or amok frown, malefic rush or wand in the entire universe irrespectively, which has the enormous power to make the wee disruption in the coherent wall of their indigenous  inflated determination  at all. Because, they aren’t geeks, they are peaches yet the brave, intelligent, agile members of the Madras Regiment actually. They mock on their own fates and scream with the ecstasy of victory always.

Madras Regiment was raised in 1758. The eldest battalion of this regiment (and of the entire Indian Army as well) is the 9th Battalion (Nair Brigade ,Nayar Pattalam, Nair Army), which was formed at Padmanabhapuram in the year of 1704. These assertive men were summoned to protect the regent of the regency of Travancore.

They were the peer body guards of the said King as a matter of fact. In the battle of Colachel they slugged and made the Dutch force sacked, absolutely detached from the regal demeanors by bypassing the virtual thread of a sublime conquest.  Dutch force was compelled to swallow the taste of a defeat, became vulnerable, wonky, and was impelled to access into the reversal portal by these body guards actually.

The battle honours acquired by these peerless, fearless people after 1947 are - Siramani , Basantar River, Tithwal, Punch, Kalidhar, Maharajke.

1 Ashoka Chakra, 1 Nao Sena Medal, 1 Uttam Yudh Seva Medal, 2 Yudh Seva Medals, 3 Jeevan Rakshak Padak, 5 Maha Vir Chakras, 7 GOC Unit Citation, 9 Kirti Chakras, 15 Param Vishisht Seva Medals, , 23 Ati Vishisht Seva Medals, 27 Shaurya Chakras, 36 Vir Chakras,  47 Vishisht Seva Medals, 151 Mention-in-Despatches, 271 GOC-in-C's Commendation Cards, 304 Sena Medals, 512 COAS's Commendation Cards – these are the decorations – availed by this regiment.

This  Regiment is wedged by this motto – SWADHARME NIDHANAM SHREYAHA (means IT IS A GLORY TO DIE DOING ONE’S DUTY).

VEERA MADRASSI, ADI KOLLU, ADI KOLLU (means – BRAVE MADRASI, HIT AND KILL, HIT AND KILL) – this is the war cry of this Regiment, that resurrects any member of the planet earth very easily.

The Madras Regiment comprises the strength of 20 battalions currently. The first battalion of the Madras Regiment had been converted to the MECHANISED INFANTRY REGIMENT actually.

Here is the muster of the battalions of this Regiment –
•    2nd Battalion (old 75th Carnatic Infantry)
•    3rd Battalion (old 79th Carnatic Infantry)
•    4th Battalion (old 83rd Wallajahabad Light Infantry)
•    5th Battalion (Ferocious Five)
•    6th Battalion
•    7th Battalion
•    8th Battalion (Gallant Guerrillas)
•    9th Battalion (former 1st Travancore Nair Infantry, Princely State Forces)
•    10th Battalion
•    11th Battalion (old Territorial Battalion)
•    12th Battalion (old Territorial Battalion)
•    16th Battalion (former 2nd Travancore State Infantry, Princely State Forces)
•    17th Battalion (former Cochin State Infantry, Princely State Forces)
•    18th Battalion (former 1st Mysore Wadiyar Infantry, Princely State Forces)
•    19th Battalion (former 2nd Mysore State Infantry, Princely State Forces)
•    20th Battalion
•    21st Battalion
•    25th Battalion (old garrison battalion)
•    26th Battalion (old garrison battalion)
•    27th Battalion (old garrison battalion)
•    28th Battalion (old coastal defence battalion)

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