13 Situations you are likely to Say Oops

Top 13 Oops Situations

13 Situations you are likely to Say Oops
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The word oops is expressed or uttered when you make a mistake or commit a minor accident while doing something. This post brings to life those embarrassing moments, situations you are likely to say Oops!

The word oops is used quite often by people in different situations that involve a mistake or a minor accident. Often the action that gets a person to say ‘oops’ can be funny or downright horrifying although in a funny way for others. No matter how the oops moment unfolds it does bring a change in facial expressions. That startled look on the face tells a story every time you make a mistake or have a minor accident, yeah certain oops moment are embarrassing. The oops moment occurs without warning and that’s the reason reaction time is eliminated. The oops moment can be funny or embarrassing depending on the situation.

You are likely to say oops! when…

  1. You Hit ‘Delete’ instead of ‘Save’
  2. You trip over your own leg and have a fall
  3. You walk right into a Glass Door! Bang!
  4. You spill coffee on your laptop (Oooooooooooops)
  5. You open the main door of your house instead of the fridge for a midnight snack.
  6. You hammer the hammer on your finger instead of the nail.
  7. Something that doesn’t belong to you slips from your hands and falls to ground.

    Crash…Boom …Bang
  8. The coffin is being laid to rest at a funeral and your cell phone rings loudly.
  9. When you slip over a fruit peel and have a fall.   
  10. You bunk work calling in sick and bump into your boss at the shopping mall.
  11. When you look up at the beautiful blue sky and suddenly find bird poop on your face.
  12. You feel warm and fuzzy sitting on the comfortable leather couch and suddenly realize you’ve melted your nephews favorite Belgian Chocolates.
  13. You are cautiously walking with your food tray in a fast food restaurant and someone accidently collides with you leaving your burgers, fries and carbonated drink flying in the air and falling to ground.

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