Good versus evil, which do you choose?

A choice between good and evil

Good versus evil, which do you choose?
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I, Yahweh, have called you to serve the cause of right - This statement embodies the reason why we human beings were created by God: to love Him, to serve Him and to be happy with Him in this world and the next.

“To serve the cause of right.” We were created to do the right thing. However, because of sin, evil/wrong doing entered into the world. We were all given a choice/free-will. If we choose wrong, there is still a chance of redemption for us because Jesus Christ died for our sins, giving us the opportunity of reconciliation.

“See how former predictions have come true. Fresh things I now foretell, before they appear I tell you of them.” There have been many predictions which have occurred in the Bible that came true eventually. Many people believe the apocalyptic/revelation stories are now coming true and that the end times are nigh.

People in the Bible days didn’t yield when those predictions came through and the same is now happening with the destruction of both man and earth. People are not heeding the warnings, even with the never ending preaching and prophesying of the end days. However, if we are to really heed the Bible, Jesus says that we will never know when the Son of Man is coming. Therefore, as true followers of Christ, we are to always be prepared.

“You have seen many things but not observed them; your ears are open but you do not hear.” Most human beings are surface people. We stick to what is on top. We do not take the time to learn, interpret and understand the true meaning of things.

Living by the teachings of God can be very difficult at times, but as disciples we are encouraged to persevere to reap the heavenly rewards in the end. By being members of the Kingdom of God we do not use contraception and we must possess and exhibit a sense of self-control. We experience freedom from worries because we put all our trust in God and His Son Jesus. Dignity should be a quality we radiate and must be credible witness of the Word of God. Our lives must be about progress and the ultimate joy of living in communion in the Paradise of God.

On the other hand, the kingdom of Satan is filled with sadness. Anxiety overwhelms us, we are caught up in the material things of the world. Trust is on the lower end of the list for us. We use others wrongfully and are used ourselves because we lack the wisdom to differentiate right from wrong. We become consumed by suspicion and superstition. Trouble always finds. Pessimists we are most of the time and lack dignity and self-worth, leading more often than not into a deep mental depression.

This is why Jesus said that “by our fruits we shall know who we are” meaning that “we should not judge a book by the cover.” We cannot get the full picture of someone just by looking at them. Jesus himself told us that it is not the outside that really matters but what is on the inside. So, how do we prevent the enemy from consuming us? We must be vigilant. We must look for those who can guide us in the right direction. Choose our friends wisely and continue to pray and read the Word of God. That is why God gave us the commandments. They are the ultimate protection guide.

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Aye. I choose good, as defined by Yahweh Himself. :) Nowadays a lot claim what is evil to be good, and what is good to be evil. Whatever God says -- as in His written Word -- is good is good, and whatever He says is evil is evil.


It is a beautifully written article and each word conveys so much. Good and bad is a choice and one needs to be cautious in choosing it. You have said it so true that Most human beings are surface people...they fail to see the depth. They fall prey to bad because it seems easy to follow and their materialistic outlook blinds them to see the real reward waiting at the end of the difficult path of goodness.


It is far bettrr to do bad than good itself. However, God will never leave us. You are right when you said that doing good is not easy as what others think but God's grace could effect perfectly when we surrender ourselves to him. Thanks for sharing.