Movie Padmavat is a Hit and a Slap on the Karni Sena

Padmavat by Bhansali storms box Office

Movie Padmavat is a Hit and a Slap on the Karni Sena
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The film was released on 25 December and as per trade reports has garnered Rs 80 crores in first four days. Trade pundits have forecast a hit at box office.

The film "Padmavat" has at last been released. It was to be released on 01 December last year, but it has finally been allowed to be released on 25 January 18. Still, the film is not an all India release as the Hindi heartland of Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, and Rajasthan including Gujerat have not allowed the release of the film. This is a pity as the governments there have allowed petty vote banks politics to prevail and ended a film release which is hot in all other places. Sadly all these 4 states are ruled by the BJP. This shows the BJP in poor light as a party that panders to religious and sectarian agenda.

The film notched up Rs 19 crores on Day 1, and subsequently, in 4 days it has grossed Rs 80 crore.

The film is well on way to fill the coffers of Sanjay Bhansali, the producer who had shelled out Rs 190 crore( $ 300 million) in the making of the film. Trade analysists have forecast that the film will do business well over the money Bhansali has spent and the film can be termed a hit at the Box office

The release of the film was pursuant to supreme court Order that trashed writ pleas by the Karni Sena and other lumpen Hindu rightwing sects that wanted the film banned.  The success of the film is a slap in the face of the Karni Sena and other similar lumpen elements who are in reality a fringe of Hinduism. These extremist groups have been attacking and burning public property in the 4 BJP ruled states. The fact that the government refused to act against the Karni Sena is a sign that the ruling party has a divisive agenda. Narendra Modi has a lot to answer for this conduct of the BJP.

The fact is that the so-called Karni Sena is not a big force, yet it was allowed to run amuck. I wonder how the Sena will be able to digest the fact that the film is a box office hit. It shows the masses have loved the film. I do not agree with the portrayal by Bhansali of Allauddin, but nobody has the right to impose a cultural dictatorship.Alas the BJP is trying to do that, but its very heartening the film is a hit and that is happy news. Wonder what next the BJP and Karni Sena will do. They won't be able to digest the fact that the film is a box office hit.

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Dear arunima, glad you have called a spade, a spade.


Politics in our country spills everywhere and spoils it. Sad but true!! Free leeway to these groups have to be criticized


I saw the movie and could find nothing that could be politicized. Rajput community was glorified in the film.