With God’s help we endure trials patiently

Let’s endure trials patiently

With God’s help we endure trials patiently
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We think that life is all about having fun, but it is really not. Life is about maturing in the wisdom of God and that includes suffering as well. We are to help each other reach and face our destiny and acknowledge that each of us is helpless if we do not live as children of God.

Everything we need to live and be has been given to us; we do not recognize them because we are closed to God’s grace. Let is ask God to uncloak our eyes so we can see his work and assistance around us.

Asking for help is not easy, whether from a family member or stranger. Neither is it easy asking help from God. But it is important to take the first step. When we make that first step, we must then ask God to help us persevere on the path of goodness. Remember, God Himself told us to seek and we will find, to knock and the door will be opened and to ask and it will be given to us.

The first step begins with us.

Having faith is important for our salvation, but our faith cannot just be words. Speaking our faith is only part of the equation; the other part is putting our faith, our words into action. This is necessary because faith without works is death.

But our faith will be stagnant if we allow our worldly desires to take first place in our lives. If our love for the world is more important and takes the place of God in our lives then our faith will be shallow; our prayers to Almighty God will not be heard, and therefore they go unanswered.

The Genesis story relates that God created all things and all that He created is to be used as a means of communicating with Him. Anything that is not used as a means of communicating to God or communicating His love is to be rejected. If we cling to things not of God but of the world is rejecting God and His love. Jesus warns us that we cannot serve two masters for we will love one and reject the other. Therefore, we cannot divide our love between God and the world, and we must not be presumptuous in asking God to satisfy our egotistical ambitions. The law of love which comes from God invites us to see and say what is wrong in action, but not to judge. For judging is reserved for God alone.

Planning is good, yes. But we must remember that man plans are not the same as God’s plans. We will probably die before fulfilling all that we plan and miss out on what matters most. Therefore, we must ensure that our plans do not entail injustice and that we are ready for when we are called to our eternal rest. Be ready, Jesus says, be watchful, for we know not the hour the Son of Man will come. So let us prepare ourselves physically and spiritually by the salvation Jesus brought through his passion and resurrection. Let us forgive those who need our forgiveness, for when we forgive in faith we pass on the forgiveness of God.

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May God grant us that we resist the seduction of the world around us but that also we listen to those who correct us.


A fruitful life is one spent for others or for God.


loyalty to God does not mean hostility towards those who follow another religion. Let us not sacrifice our Christian identity on the altar of money.


When our hope is sick, we find reasons for not attending to our duty to nourish our souls within the gathering of our faith assemblies to which we belong.


In our lives we meet people who want us to play dirty and live selfishly. But if we want to be apart of God's Kingdom, we have to be willing to sacrifice some things in our life. Yes, we live in a corrupt, violent and unjust world. Scandals emerge everyday. But the Glory of God is also very prevalent. When we forgive we replace the thirst for revenge. We should be more worried about the offense we commit against God. Above everything else, the world needs the forgiveness of God.


Be for God an active and proved minister, a blameless worker correctly handling the Word of Truth. Do not take part in useless conversations, alien to the faith.-2 Timothy 2:15-16


God liberates us from struggles ad oppression. Hoping in God does not bring any regret because though we may forget Him, He never forgets us.