US Ambassador to Panama Resigns on Policy Differences with Donald Trump

John Seeley Us head of mission in Panama resigns

US Ambassador to Panama Resigns on Policy Differences with Donald Trump
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The resignation of John Seeley from the diplomatic corps shows that there are many who oppose the policies of Trump and are prepared to resign than to follow what they feel are repugnant orders.

The US has the largest diplomatic corps in the world as being a global power it has to have representatives all over the globe. Men in the diplomatic corps are bound by oath to serve the President of the United States, whosoever is in authority. They are career officers who amplify the policy as laid down by the President of the United States. But ever since Trump has become president, many diplomats are aghast at his policies that border on racialism and white superiority. His recent outburst against Haiti, a predominantly black nation is an example. The president used a foul mouth word to describe the country and the blacks who live there.

In addition, many are not in agreement with his domestic policy, which normally favors the ultra extreme right.  The US ambassador to Panama John Seeley, a 56-year-old career diplomat has sent in his resignation to the President. He has stated that he is unable to continue as the ambassador to Panama as his conscience pricks him.

He has added that he is duty bound to resign as per his oath of service as he does not agree with the policies of President Trump. This is a strong statement and shows that that are many people who are not happy with Donald Trump and his brand of politics.

The resignation was received at the White House in end December of last year and the ambassador who has been the diplomatic rep in Panama since February 2016 has announced his resignation from 09 March this year. The administration has accepted the resignation as that was the only course open for it. The going of the ambassador is, however, a serious matter and show that undercurrent of hostility exists in the diplomatic corps against Trump's policies. John Seeley was a career diplomat with over 3 decades of experience in the diplomatic corps. The 56-year-old man was earlier a pilot in the US Marines. He has star career and the White House will have to think what happened. However, this resignation will not change the policies of Trump who is furthering what he believes is right.

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